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    Friday the 13<sup>th</sup> Lets break out in song

    May 13<sup>th</sup>

    Usually Friday the 13<sup>th</sup> are mirid with all kinds of odd happenings.

    I can’t say off the top of my head what the superstition was based on but I do remember things happening on that day. I remember one time Mom took me and Karry out to eat and she had problems opening a sour cream packet. She opened it with such force that sour cream flew out and dropped on a mans boot across from us. I remember it being something we all laughed about for the longest.

    This Friday was going pretty smooth. Work went smooth and without issue. I remember chatting with Alicia on my phone over the course of the day and by the time I got home we had mentioned something about me coming over to play cards. When I got home, I fed myself, got dressed and then headed over to her place. I wondered as I got lost with my mental directions if things was going to go like they did last time. Last time I just came to visit and then leave, but somehow we started kissing near her room, then in the kitchen and then outside before I left. We tried to keep it low key since kids were up.

    This time we actually did play cards. We tried to play cribbage but there was no way I was going to learn that game that night. Skip Bo it was and competition was pretty fierce until….

    Until the fireball was brought out. With it being friday, off of work, with a fine lady and having a good time, several shots were done. She did a few but I did more, and then I asked if we could get a breather outside.

    As I kissed Alicia loaded up with fireball, I lost track of the songs playing on her phone. Deep in a long long kiss she was playing Chris Stapleton. But as I get into the kiss and my intoxication was up, my emotions was up I gained conscious of the song now playing. It was Chris anymore, it was Jason Isbell’s Cover me up. The last time I listened to Jason was back when I was with Amie. I remember listening to his songs as we was winding roads around Fall Creek Park.

    As I kissed more I noticed something else that was happening without warning. Tears were streaming down my face. My cheeks were wet with tears and I didn’t know if Alicia knew it or not. Somehow the booze and the music exposed something in my heart that never dies, no matter how I try to stomp it out like a fire. Part of me will never let go of Amie and the memories we shared. As far as I know they will be with me for the rest of my days.

    Alicia never caught on. She had to go inside for a minute which gave me a minute to clean up my face and emotions.

    Even tho that happened at that moment under alcohol and music, it still had lingering effects that Sunday. I couldn’t help but stare at Amie’s name on my phone while being home alone. I pressed dial and put the phone on speaker as I walked outside. It went to voicemail. I never leave voicemail with her. If she wants she will call me back. That’s how it is for us now we are friends. I don’t call her to get back with her or anything like that. Those days are over, but times like this I do wonder how she is, what she is doing.

    As I lean on the metal fence around my front yard and look around at the neighborhood at night I decide I will try again the next time. I just have to know. Human nature is funny that way.


    Hi HeartbeatCity!

    You have a very engaging way of writing. You come across as quite a romantic soul.

    I’m wondering how you feel about Alicia? Also would you like to talk about what happened with Amie?


    I don’t know entirely how I feel about Alicia yet, its a little early.  I’m letting things play out.  I am waiting for red flag but not looking for them.

    Amie was a past love of mine that ended in 2019.  I was a amicable ending.  We are friends and I’m fine with it.  I know what is possible in that relationship and what isn’t.

    The moment I wrote about, I was curious if others have experienced the same thing.  To be caught in some confusing feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes things don’t work out like we would like them to.  Everyone has this happen to them at some point.

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