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    Ever since I’ve started on this path of meditation, self-awareness, and mindfulness, I’ve noticed how often my mind gets hooked.

    My mind gets hooked when someone does or says something pleasant or when someone says something unpleasant. In both cases, there’s a flood of emotion, the mind wanders towards that person, and the ruminating begins.

    I think about that person a lot more than I did before. I replay the conversation we had in my mind, plan for the next conversation, or start a completely imaginary conversation that will never take place. I recognized these internal conversations have no basis in objective reality. They’re simply my memories of what just happened or a biased interpretation of how things were, are, or how I want them be. I recognize that it’s just the mind playing its old trick again and keeping me away from the here and now.

    Do others experience getting hooked? How do you feel about it? What do you do to get unhooked or prevent from getting hooked in the first place?


    Hello Peter,

    Yes, my mind gets hooked on thoughts – I am sure everyone’s does, it’s part of mindfulness to know that is what happened! What helps me is to recognize the “hook” source, which is of course fear/my ego. Acknowledging the source and refusing to let it take over my mind, helps me get unhooked . It happens less, the more I have been able to do this. As I have learned the concept of acceptance too, it has been easier to let go. I accept that people and situations are not always the way I want them to be. I remind myself that I do not need to control anyone or anything around me and the only person I can change is me. By altering my perception of the words or event and coming from loving kindness for myself and others, the need to dwell on stuff in my mind diminishes.

    Hope this helps.

    Love and peace,



    Thanks Marilyn.

    You know what, the moment I posted that post, I felt a million times better. Like you said, just recognizing that you’re hooked, calling what it is, giving it a name, creates such an emotional and mental release. Something that says, “I know I’m getting hooked, but I don’t have to.” By acknowledging what it is, I’m giving myself permission to let it go. I think this goes for positive and negative hooks. Either one is a form of attachment that just gets you riled up, tries to force you take control of the situation, and doesn’t let you go with the flow of things.

    Hmmm….maybe that’s what letting go is and it starts with simply acknowledging that you’re holding on. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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