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    Hi everyone!!!
    I am a 18 years old guy.I want to ask a question to you all girls/women out there.
    Say, there is a beautiful girl sitting with her friends. She is too involved with her friends and doesn’t notice around much and 50 metres far I am there wishing to have the courage to go and directly introduce myself and have a good time knowing her. But, I get this feeling that I will disturb her or will not be able to say something when i reach infront of her.
    Previous time i approached a girl but was unable to say more than a “Hi” and less than a “Bye”.
    I want help in things to say in this type of situations when i reach infront of a girl. As girls you would know what approach and words would be appropriate,right?

    In need of Help,


    Hi Danger,

    My advice is to keep saying Hi and smile to every and any girl that you encounter. With practice, you’ll be more comfortable approaching a girl and start talking. Sounds like you like some confidence, so really there are no words and approach that are “right”. You’ll find the words when you get more comfortable and confident.

    Well the only other part is sometimes you might get the acknowledgement and sometimes you might not. Don’t get discouraged. Just move forward. There are plenty of girls out there.

    I hope that helps. 🙂



    Thanks for your advice lucia!!!But really wouldn’t you mind if you were with your friends hanging around and I came up as a VILLAIN to be a obstacle between ur conversations????



    All girls are different but most girls and most people really just enjoy a good laugh. I am really interested in goofy/funny guys, either the guys I laugh with or even the guys I laugh at. A guy that can make fun of himself shows plenty of confidence (so long its not too self-deprecating). So in that particular situation, I would suggest doing something funny like pretending to trip in front of her then saying something corny like “man, I’m falling for you all ready” or writing your name and number on a piece of paper and turning it into a paper plane then flying it to her or make an origami flower with your name and number on the petals. This will make you stand out as many times guys just ask for a girl’s number. Also you give her the choice to call you rather than you call her. I find that rather considerate. I am only speaking for myself though.

    I think you would have greater chances approaching her if she were alone like at a coffee shop or library or something. In that case, notice if she is reading something then ask her what it is about, why she is interested in that book. If she is wearing something nice ‘say I love that x,y,z it really makes your eyes stand out or brings out the glow in your complexion. Be sincere and specific; don’t just say “I like that dress”, say “I like the way that dress looks on you, it really suits you well,” etc. Most girls like to talk, so ask more questions about her, showing that you are interested in her and who she is. Tell her about yourself but don’t divulge everything, leave some things a mystery so that she can be intrigued to talk to you more. Try meet up groups to meet girls that share your interest, then you both have a commonality. Or try making non sexual friendships with girls of the opposite sex. Once you see, that girls aren’t all that mysterious, it will be easier for you to talk to girls romantically. I really hope this helps. Good luck!



    Thanks for your great and making it easy advice Zenhen.”Once you see, that girls aren’t all that mysterious, it will be easier for you to talk to girls romantically”, I will remember this line of yours truly!!!!


    No worries Danger!

    I didn’t mean to write with girls of the opposite sex..obviously the girls are the opposite sex…lol! See girls aren’t perfect…we make mistakes too ; )

    Good Luck!

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