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    Happy Monday everyone! 🙂


    Well, I thought things were fully back open in the state I was working at, as they moved into phase 3 last Thursday morning.


    Flew back immediately from the state that I reside in that afternoon, to prepare for work, renewed my business license the next morning out there. Hours later I get a message from my boss Friday afternoon deeply apologizing, stating that the governor didn’t approve our workplace to open. So I got on the next plane out and flew home that evening. I honestly don’t even know how I got the extra energy but I am grateful I did. Literally was in the state I work out of, for less than 24 hours. When I arrived back home to the west coast, I felt fine with energy but definitely felt the exhaustion when I woke up Saturday morning. Was happy to come home but felt sad I didn’t even get to see my friends. The economy in the south is so bad but I do miss my job and my peers/friends out there. It’s been 7 months and I have been more than ready to go back. Guess we shall see in the next few weeks what happens, we will just have to wait.


    I’ve been staying pretty busy since returning home with work. On the health front my stomach/digestion has been hurting me so bad…  I did speak with my other naturopathic doctor, who has known me for over decade over the phone last Thursday and she has referred me to an allergy specialist in my area. I just need some answers and should definitely schedule an appointment to go see a gastroenterologist as well. I will tell you being 100% vegan does wonders for feeling amazing, super lean and your energy is out of this world but you have to eat a lot more to stay fuller. At this point, it’s worth going back to veganism with the way I’ve been feeling.

    Today, since I woke up, I’ve been productive on getting so many things done and also have an interview tomorrow morning, to work here in my hometown. along with being able to keep my other self employment position. Just seeing how everything goes day by day. The new home build is coming along and will get more information in a few weeks, according to my realtor. I’ve also kept in mind, that if the house market crashes we would keep our options open still.


    Anyway, it’s time for a coffee break.


    I hope you all have been doing well, enjoyed your weekend and enjoying your Monday so far.


    Sending you all a bunch of love, positivity and light from my end, if you are struggling emotionally. Always know that there are people out there, who love and care about you. STAY STRONG! YOU ALL ARE LOVED! <3




    Marie –



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