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    “What’s wrong with me?”, you ask yourself, as you sluggishly move through your day.

    It’s 12:00 pm on a Thursday, and you’re absolutely out of it. You say to yourself, “well maybe I’m just tired because it’s the end of the week”. But deeper in your mind, you know that’s not the case.

    You see, like me, you’re probably a naturally ambitious person, with many goals and aspirations. But lately, you can’t seem to find the energy, drive, and determination to put the work in that’s required to make your dreams and ideas into reality.

    Then, you start to question yourself, and wonder if your dreams and ideas are even valid. You wonder if you might need to consider a career change, or relocate to another city. But those thoughts only drain you even more.

    Each day becomes a blur. Just another day on the calendar….just another day in the Matrix. You can’t seem to find much joy out of anything, and life itself is starting to seem pointless, redundant, boring, and repetitive.

    Add to all that your daily dose of fear mongering news that’s being poured out from the media and the people around you, and you’re starting to feel like you really don’t want to be in this place anymore. But what happened to all those goals and ambitions? What about all those great things you were going to accomplish?

    Why do you feel so mentally sluggish, and unable to find the energy to truly care about the things that matter most to you? I’ll give you a hugely possible reason why…

    You may be thinking Depression, but this time our old buddy Depression is not the culprit. So who is it? I’ll tell you…

    There’s a covert operation taking place that’s under the control of a serpent demon who goes by the name of Acedia, AKA, The Noonday Demon…..and you’ve probably been struck by it’s venomous bite!

    Is it a real, actual demon? Probably not. I only used that for creative purposes. But, there really is a condition called Acedia, The Noonday Demon. One definition of Acedia is: Mental and spiritual sloth, apathy.

    Now, I didn’t come here to teach you about Acedia. I only came to show you it’s door. Now it’s up to you to walk through it, research & learn, and then confront this secret enemy of yours!

    Good luck…


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    Hi, NeoVizion!

    Bwahaha! That’s awesome. I sometimes feel moments of self-loathing and once I identified this as a part of my character. Nowadays I imagine that self-loathing is caused by a tormenting demon. It must be a very helpful practice.

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