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    You know it’s strange, there are times when the dreams that I have actually come to life. Not all the time but most of the time. It’s scary but it’s something that I accepted since I was a child. I am sensitive to other people’s emotions whether they are present or not. Although I can switch it off if I dont want to feel connected to a person anymore but truth be told, I cannot control my dreams that gives me a glimpse ( which is more like a sneak preview into the future.) Recently, I had 2 dreams about a lesbian lover from my past. I will call her A. instead of using her real name.

    Usually when I have dreams about A. She is always angry at me, so I just ignore them as I don’t want that negativity floating around but it gives me a glimpse. Let me just say this, I do not ask for these dreams and I sure as hell don’t invite them in. They happen on their own at any given/random time. The last dream I had about A. was her slowly kissing me and cuddling me and yes we were both very happy with each other in the dreams, as it’s not the first Dream I’ve had about us being this way with each other. It’s interesting because in the dreams, A is the one initiating the kissing and the cuddling. She’s always the one in control in these dreams. Honestly, this is all very confusing because our relationship was damaged almost a year ago because she didn’t want her family to know anything about our past relationship with each other and 9 months ago, shit hit the fan because her sister invited me to her birthday party over the summer and because I went to that party, A was pissed. All these fucked up lies were said about me in order to keep our past relationship with each other hidden. Can’t help but to think how tese dreams has only happened with A and nobody else. Every time there is a dream about A, it happens.

    I really don’t understand why I am having these dreams about A and getting together with A’s family when the woman has denied even knowing me/barely knowing me. Makes no sense because I obviously didn’t invite these dreams in, so now I am left wondering if this is once again a glimpse into the future. I don’t care if it doesn’t happen because I let go of expectation a long ass time ago. This is really strange that all of the sudden these dreams are appearing while I’m all the way across the world in Europe and not in the United States where I’m originally from. Not sure what to think or how I should feel because I blocked out a lot of things in order to protect myself.


    I think this is quite normal, as it is something that happens to me. I don’t necessarily dream of someone from a past relationship, but dream of people I know of the opposite sex who I am interested in but know they are either not interested or in a relationship. Like you these dreams are quite affectionate and there is a sense of excitement in these. Sometimes I am the one initiating, and sometimes she is. Strangely, these dreams have nothing to do with sex, but involve some form of kissing, cuddling, etc.

    Dreams are quite complex and there are volumes of books written on them… anything from psychlogical works by Jung and Freud, to spiritual interpretations or even psychic ones. Most commonly (from my experience) dreams usually play things out that we are unsatisfied with. By unsatisfied this means we are either in some kind of conflict, don’t the a solution to a given problem, or are unhappy with the result. By the sounds of your dream you must be unhappy with how the relationship turned out and am secretly hoping you would be still together. This dream shows you still have feelings for her, so your mind is playing out more favourable scenarios. These dreams will keep going until you are either satisfied with this situation (either by accepting how it it or by finding emotional satisfaction otherwise). I know my dreams come because I’m am lonely and unhappy with that situation (hoping I would be with this women instead of being alone). They come and go, depending on my mood.

    If I were you I would spend time to reflect. YEs, you have blocked these out, but your mind is still bringing forth this issue because it is not solved. Blocking never solves the problem, you must confront it.

    That being said- try to look at other dreams in a similar manner. One purpose of dreams (of many many purposes) is to highlight issues that arn’t fully processed. Be aware of what in your life is going on.


    Jordan, you did not read what I wrote thoroughly. So your response made absolutely no sense to me. With all due respect, we obviously do not think or operate alike. It’s understandable since you don’t know me or have ever even met me to know anything about my journey so far in my personal life.

    Best wishes.

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