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    So i lost the trust of my couple when i was drunk at his place and begin to cry and have a meltdown….he almost get evicted….i really dont remember that detail when i was like that and i promise him never do that again…never drink ….he still have dates with me but not in his place anymore….he want me to gain his trust again…im going to find a psychologist because i know this thing of me crying when im drunk is something very deep….but he also ask me to do this in forums….i was very sincere about what is really hapoening in my mind…and he still wants to see me…but he is taking his time…i just dont like that he always talk about that incident and get very stubborn and a little not so kind…..and i feel a little sad also…then i just tell him : ok i understand you are depresse because of me…i want you happy you can find other person..i will deal with the feeling of losing you for a time..its ok i just want your happiness…but he still write and wants to see me…what i should do? I really likes him…we have only 5 months of realtionship….jaja but we are really happy to find us..



    Dear Frambuesa123:

    He almost got evicted but he didn’t get evicted. He doesn’t have you in his home so that he doesn’t get evicted, that is wise of him. But because he chooses to continue a relationship with you, it is not fair on his part that he keeps punishing you for that drunk incident. Either he forgives you or he does not.

    Present it to him this way: do you forgive me or not? If he says anything like this: no, I don’t forgive you and I intend to continue to make you suffer over it, then you should end the relationship.

    If he says that he does forgive you, then let him know that forgiving you means he is not to mention the incident for at least six months.

    Regarding the incidence: I figure getting drunk released a deep, long lasting emotional pain, one that you experienced as a child?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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