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    Hello all,
    I am a restaurant owner, and looking for promoting my business. One of my friend suggested me to go for direct mail marketing, because he had done that for his fabric store, and it did affect his business in a good way. He ad done it through a direct mail marketing company , . I liked the idea. However, I am unsure whether this will be effective for my line of business. I am planning to mail the customers with coupon codes, offers etc. Is this good enough ? Please advice me . Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    Hi raquel,

    I just went through the website that you posted ( and it does sound encouraging adding to the fact that it worked for your friend too. There are lot many advantages of direct mail marketing.
    This approach does have more of its upsides but I also want you to be aware of few of its minor downsides too ( eg; recipients consider it as junkmail, people opting out due to its negative environmental impact with more people choosing for paperless stuff. I personally never looked at any direct mail letters, but that is just a personal preference as there may be people who prefer them when it is done in a neat and catchy way by QR codes, in some other decorative way, etc as mentioned here ( With you having to mail coupon codes, offers to people I do not think nobody would deny these as that is what any person on this earth wants – something at a less price than its actual, more and more deals and offers. So direct marketing does look to be promising in that context.

    Not sure about your location but also do take a look at this which may be of interest to you-
    (all the below links are for the same website)

    Best Wishes for your business,

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    Dear Raquel:

    I am not a business person, but your idea of mailing existing customers coupons and offers sound good to me as opposed to blind marketing, as I understand the other idea is about. Reason is that a restaurant cannot accommodate too many customers anyway (if direct marketing was to be that successful) without time consuming growth, changing location, hiring people etc. So growth in a restaurant business has to be gradual and reliable. I would aim at slow paced marketing, building a clientele. You can accommodate a slow, reliable growth only, so make the advertising fit it.



    Hi Raquel – two of the most valuable sources of business are “repeat” and “referral”. I certainly wouldn’t rule out the direct mail approach to kick things off, but the most valuable marketing tools you have are the people seated at your restaurant tables right now. Don’t be afraid to head out there and introduce yourself, ask for feedback, ask if there is anything which might improve their experience. When people are happy, they talk. Social media let’s them reach way more people than ever before. It’s a balance obviously – you don’t want to be intrusive, but a “Hi – I’m Raquel the owner. I just wanted to check if you’re happy with everything here tonight. If people are responsive, then ask for feedback, input, suggestions “do you think that dish would work as well with chicken as with pork” makes people feel their opinions are valued, and it’s not just about their money. Then when they’re leaving, “thanks for coming here tonight – please let your friends know we’re here if you think they might enjoy us as well”. Then if the original people come back – “well HELLO! It’s so nice to see you again!! We have a special table for our regular customers…come on in!!!”

    If you’ve been in restaurants before you probably think all this stuff is obvious, but people feel good to know they matter. There’s nothing better for them than saying to a friend “oh you should go to ****. I know the owner Raquel and she’s just lovely, and the food’s pretty good too.”

    Anyway – just some input. Hope it helps, and good luck with your restaurant. 🙂

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    I’ve been involved with direct mail campaigns for two different businesses (one in online fashion retail, one in hospitality), and while it takes a little while to gather results, the intangible benefits of it are unique. In this day of email marketing all over the place, a customer getting a cool looking piece of mail is a delight. I think it’s a good idea!

    I’m a copywriter, and while I can’t really give you hard advice on all the marketing of it, I may be able to help you write/edit your mailer.

    Let us know how it works out! Good luck.


    That will be a good idea..

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