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    I have recently left my old company where I advised that I didn’t want to make my new work place known.

    The HR person advised that only her boss and the CEO would know and it would be kept in confidence.

    I have now left the company but some of my friends still work there.

    They have told me that she’s been divulging my new employer details to the staff after I explicitly  said I wanted no one to know.

    so I have drafted an email to her manager to make an official complaint about her lack of professionalism.

    i don’t want to jump the gun here but she had no right to say anything yet she breached the code of confidence.

    is it Worthing fighting this even though I’ve already left?

    She is extremely unprofessional already. She openly gossips in the office about other staff members and yet nothing gets done about it.

    lost cause of do I fight against her behaviour?


    Dear Shordeel:

    If I understand correctly, the HR employee told you that the only people who will know of your new work location would be her boss, the CEO and herself. And yet, she told of other employees, including some of your friends who work there, about your new location. (Your friends working there were not supposed to know of your new location?)

    “she had no  right to say anything yet she breached the code of confidence. Is it worth fighting this even though I’ve already left?”- if the laws were you live are similar to US laws, then if you can prove damages caused by the HR person/ company then you can file a civil suit against the company, asking to be compensated for the specific damage you suffered.

    Also relevant: did she breach a company/ business “code of confidence”, or did she breach a personal code of confidence aka gossip. In the case of the former, it will make sense to complain to her manager, but in the latter, complaining to the manager may be useless.

    P.S. in regard to your thread from April 2018, I hope that you ended all contact with your parents by now. Their years long physical and emotional abuse of you (“My dad nearly killed me with a screw driver with my little sisters watching.. horrendous abuse”) and the fact that true to two years ago, “they’ve never apologized or admitted their wrong doing” and that your mother continued to guilt trip you- makes it clear to me that what they did to you, and keep doing is way, way worse than what the HR employee did. My recommendation: protect yourself from and correct the BIG injustices you suffered and still suffer before you attend to the relatively very small injustice you posted about  today.


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