I am pregnant and my dog passed away yesterday. How to deal with the pain?

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    Krishna Manglani

    My name is Krishi. I had a pug who passed away 2 days back. She was only 6 years old. She was a really loving, friendly and healthy dog. She didn’t had any problems. Used to go for regular check ups and everything was going good until Friday late evening. She had dinner and after some time she started crying. I knew she was in pain but didn’t  understand what was going on with her. I called my vet at night but he didn’t took my call. I tried to call so many clinics but had to wait till mornin g 9:30 as everything was closed. I was caressing my dog whole night. My family was around me with the dog. We all were feeling so helpless. Specially my mom and dad. They used to love her. We didn’t get chance to wait till morning. She left us before that. It was so devastating.

    I can’t stop thinking about it now. I am pregnant and I don’t feel like eating or doing anything. I am crying whole day and can’t sleep at night. My friends think it was only a dog, I am behaving crazy. But she was like my baby. She was 1 month old when I adopted her. And there is not even a day in last 6 years when I have lived without her.

    I don’t know how to cope up with this pain. I feel I didn’t do enough to save her. And my parents were so much attached to her. My mom is crying whole day. And it just breaks my heart when I think about my parents and about my pug. Can someone help how to cope up with this situation?


    Dear  Krishi:

    I am sorry for  your pug dying in pain and prematurely, and for you and your parents suffering as a result. Dog owners all over the world suffer a great deal when their dogs die- prematurely or from old, old age. It is a deep and prolonged heartache for so many.

    A common theme with people losing their pets (and it has been expressed in these Forums repeatedly by members) is guilt over the death of pets. It is because they are dependent on us, their owners, and dogs more than any pet, look up at us as their protectors and care-takers. When they die, we feel that we failed them, that we betrayed their trust in us to care for them well.

    Unfortunately there was no vet clinic open and available to see your pug in late evening and throughout the night. Dogs, like people, usually don’t die so quickly, but linger on and it is therefore possible to get later help that will save lives. But your pug died quickly.

    I am sorry for you pain. Feel free to post here anytime, if it helps only a bit, and I will read from you and reply back.



    Hello, I can understand the pain you are going through. I left my 8 years beloved chihuahua w my mom while I was out of state and she ran away. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks trying to find her w professional sniff dogs, paid mailers, flyers, walking n stalking the street yet no sight. The pain is intense and I thought about committing suicide to be w my dog but of course I won’t do that. It’s so hard especially when ppl tell me it’s just a dog. She was my daughter, my beloved baby. I’ll give anything to get her back so I can have her age and die in my arms. Unfortunately she probably might have died because the night she disappeared I dreamt she came back to me so I can put neosporin on her wounds and then she threw up blood and I woke up crying. I’ll never get over this. I was bed ridden for 2 weeks. Even w being financially wealthy and having the best friends I can ask for, it means nothing without my dog. I’m in complete devastation and I feel guilty leaving her w my mom. Before she disappeared a few weeks ago, I made her promise me that she will reincarnate as my granddaughter bc I’m trying to conceive a baby and I wanted her to live another 10 years and come back in 20 years. She licked me and it really felt like she agreed to be my granddaughter so I can give her everything I have worked so hard for and for her to enjoy life as a human being w me. I now hope she can come back as my daughter. I’ve had ppl died in my life but her death/ disappearance will forever devastate me. I love her as my own flesh and blood. Anyways- I read that we can grieve but we really must move forward- not move on… but move forward and hold their memories in our heart. I’ve saved her clothes and toys and when I pass, I’ll have them burry with me. Right before she left I finish a 600 photo album of her. I’ll never forget her face and love. To honor her life, I donate to PETA and help out dogs in shelter. I hate being depressed so I’m looking for a new dog to love. It would b a miracle if I ever find her again.


    Hi Nicole,

    It breaks my heart reading your post (and I just read it today — a few months after your post, and I don’t know how long since your dog ran away). I wish Krishna and you peace. I have a kitty cat, and he had been the reason I kept going for as long as I did.


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