I cheated, he wants to break up but will not leave..

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    Dear Charly:

    Maybe he is a somewhat still upset about that ten year ago cheating, but is using it now as a justifiable reason to leave you, so that it is not him who is the-bad-guy.

    Maybe he always had commitment issues and that is the reason he never asked you to marry him (did he?).

    Maybe he is “suffering from some kind of trauma” that someone else caused him long before he met you.

    If you want to explore the latter (and how it affects him/you now): what do you know about his childhood and his relationships with his family members, particularly parents, in the past and now?



    you just focus on reasons , and try to quit everything dont keep this  bone in your mouth further,just move ahead You still love him, that’s fine. But that doesn’t justified him acting as if you are close enough to share the same bed when he chose to broke off relations between the two of you. For whatever reason he might have done so, he is still choosing not to communicate with you if he is rethinking his decisions, but seeing your ex everyday is bound to make you rethink, yet he is still acting as if he has the rights to live with you. So why exactly are you allowing him to torture you like this? You love him,or self-love but that doesn’t mean torturing yourself with this limbo of ‘maybe he will reconsider’. He hasn’t, even after all this time. Rather, the longer you let this continued, the longer you’ll stay in this weird limbo of not partners but not really friends either. You’ll sleep on the same bed, wake up to him, all the while knowing that you are not partners anymore. Doesn’t that break your heart? And if he suddenly wants to get back together when you tell him to pack and leave, what does that tell you about how he really viewed you?

    Now only you can move further

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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