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    Hi all. I am a 22 year old undergraduate student and I have just joined this site for guidance and advice.

    Since the pandemic, there has been a lot of things in my life what has gone on. My anger was so bad last year as I lost my job, had an accident that I was grateful to recover from and because I didn’t take responsibility for my own actions I made a few mistakes when it comes to studying. I am trying to do better in my life but it seems like I am just going around in circles. Also, for some reason I developed an addiction to eating ice cubes, not sure why but it calms my anxiety down.

    I met someone last year, he speaks Chinese and English. It was just coincidence how we met, but I’m so happy. Anyway, I’m a little behind on my studies even though I am trying to catch up. I don’t want to feel miserable or so down anymore when I have a lot to look forward to. Maybe I am trying to do too much. I always try to google solutions to my problems, but this does not get me anywhere. I am scared that if I do not sort out my anxiety or life, I might lose this relationship even though there is nothing wrong with this current relationship at this time.

    Thank you


    sorry to read you’re not having a good time.

    Does your bf know you have anxiety? I’m asking since if he knew, then he could be a support somewhat.


    This is 7 months later since your post. I can tell you that craving ice is a sign of pica. This is a condition that occurs when you have low iron. Please seek medical care.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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