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    Hi everyone,
    I’m 21 years old, I have been addicted to marijuana for some time, and have done very little really with my life while I’ve been doing it. However, as I’ve been stuck in my head with my intelligent brain for so long, I have come up with a hell of a lot of dreams. Now I’m off the drugs and am able to do things, I don’t know which one to do.
    I am not sure which of them is the real me dreaming and which is just envy I’ve picked up on the way, wanting to be like someone else or attain money/status/friends.
    Here are my dreams:
    Chef (already done it and over it)
    Permaculture farmer, selling produce and prepared food at the markets
    Fashion designer, recycling clothes and producing my original designs by hand
    Writer/Investigative journalist, I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts at the moment so that I can expose corporate corruption and other lies
    Activist/Anarchist, actively destroying the oppressive systems of the world
    Nutritionist, combining my skill of cooking with nutrition to help people have tasty and healthy meals
    Yoga teacher, this one is mainly just because I want to be a total master of yoga for my own health
    Rapper/producer, spitting rhymes about oppression, opening the mind and being a damned awesome female (despite my lack of any self esteem)
    English teacher, experiencing awesomely spiritual Asian countries while teaching English to cute kids to make their lives better too
    Humanitarian delegate, knowing lots of different languages and using that skill to help people in crises
    Self sufficient hippie, living off the land, growing all my own food.

    Obviously, its not possible to do all these things at the same time. I think I’m not good enough for almost all of them, even though in my intelligent brain I KNOW that I can do any of them, if not more than one.
    How do I decide? I am so confused!
    Thank you in advance!

    Tom Southern

    Lani, you’ve achieved so much already by getting clean. Be proud of yourself. Your achievement is outstanding. If you can do that, you can do anything. It’s true. Start writing.

    Don’t wait till your course finishes. If you haven’t yet started writing then start now. Just write. Whatever comes into your head. Write what your heart leads you to write. It doesn’t have to be pulitzer prize stuff. Just start. Then another of your dreams will become true. You’ll be a writer. And, if you don’t already, start reading Jeff Goins’ blog: . Jeff writes a lot about just writing and you’ll be a writer. It’s great.


    Mark Sandusky

    Hi Lani!

    I have the same problem. I’m interested in anything and everything which often leads to doing nothing because you simply can’t decide.

    For that reason I created this google spreadsheet in order to align my creative desires with my monetary/life-skill realities. It lays out a number of categories, which you rank from 1-10 and then it orders which “dream” you should focus on first. I call it a a “Decision Making Matrix” Please feel free to use it and improve upon it!

    Let me know if you have any questions or make improvements!

    Also, here is a quick blurb about how I go about killing my dreams 1 by 1.

    I hope you enjoy and congrats on your new found sobriety!



    Just pick one thing and give it a go! If you don’t want to continue with it, you are not locked in forever ๐Ÿ™‚ Once you’ve started one thing, there is also no reason you cannot do several things at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

    Howard Williams

    Lanny, I love Anna’s response. There is no right answer. Pick a direction, any direction and start on the path. You ll Quickly learn whether it nurtures you or not. If you don’t like the path, change it, The world expects you by that I mean your family and friends to be consistent, always the same. Consider instead that your future and your life are your creation. As you learn more about yourself, upgrade yourself you become more congruent with who you are. What keeps you from exploring any of these wonderful ideas? Is it fear that prevents you from moving in some direction? Make a choice. To not not choose, is to choose nothing and surrender. Again, there is no one right path. There are many paths. Take the ones that seem most in alignment with you. You follow your dreams and the other things will come to you as you move along the path.

    With encouragement Howard

    Devi Clark

    Hi Lani,

    Have you heard of renaissance souls or scanners? They are people, like us, who like to do more than one thing and get bored if they just do one. But the risk is you end up doing too many things in a shallow way. Try googling renaissance souls or scanners and you will find some good supportive resources including a facebook group owned by Barbara Sher (who coined the term scanner in one of her books) and various books and coaching sites dedicated to this group.

    Hope that helps!

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