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    Dear Admin or anyone could help.


    I have been with this man for 12 years. From courtship till marriage. Throughout this 12 years, there is once, he betray on me and somehow we were together again. Then once on my side and until recently. He made the same mistake. We had our vows in Year 2017. He was an engineer and most of the time he needs to travel pretty often.

    Last year, he went to Indonesia. Found some woman through a chat i believe (Year 2020) and when he came back he acted so differently. Saying he doesnt wants this marriage. All are arrange from family BUT things went better Year 2021 when we did not break up/ divorce but i can feel there are sense of changes in him. He treats me good. pay my billl. house chores he did, grocieries.. buying me phone.. watches etc.

    Throughout the ending of 2021, december, he went to oversea to work again. he contacted this same lady. this time the same old lady from indonesia. i am deeply hurt.

    he told me he still loves me.still wants this family. we have no children. i wants a children badly. we have not had sex for a year ++. i have been seeking help from medium, tarots, god,  temple prayers, psychics and all sort of help. still i  feel emptiness in me. he came back home everynight. watch movie. go for a wallk over weekend together. but.. the deep connection is lost.


    anyone could advise and guide?



    Dear Icycream:

    My advice: (1) Do not assume that if you manage to get pregnant by him, that the lost deep connection will resume. I heard about and read from many women who assumed this, but after they got pregnant and had children, the men left them anyway, and they had to raise their children alone,

    (2) Seek couple counseling by a (religious or secular) counselor, so that the counselor will guide and help the two to communicate honestly and effectively, and then figure out what to do next.  Is this a possibility for the two of you to attend couple counseling together?




    How are you, Icycream?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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