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    I snooped around my bf’s stuff out of curiosity ( I am not proud) but was curious what trinkets/cards he thought was worthy to keep from his past. I came across a v-day card from his guy friend: it had a funny flair to it and said “dont turn gay on me. girls are still better…. oh i want to be on you…” the last part really got to me.

    My bf is very open in all aspects of life but he has only dated and hooked up with girls in the past. Once when we had a conversation about sexuality and if he would be hook up with a guy, he said he would be open should he find the guy attractive but that he has never experience that yet in his life. (he’s in his early 30s)

    I am feeling insecure. maybe he had a fling with this guy in the past (this guy currently lives in the same town ) ? I have taken him to be very open as we discuss lots of things and I trusted that he hasn’t hooked up with a guy but it seems like from the vday card (guys give guy friends vday cards), it seems not so?




    Was the guy friend gay by chance? My boyfriend who has always identified as straight has a friend who is gay and is not shy about expressing his “fondness” for my boyfriend, he calls him attractive all the time, etc… but I think what’s most telling is your boyfriend expressed to you that he’d be open to hooking up with a guy if he found him attractive enough.

    Everyone is different, but I believe people have a sexual “spectrum.” Like you can identify as straight, but the opposite sex might pique your curiosity although you may not feel enough of a need to act on it.

    I would also ask yourself why this may make you feel insecure? There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way, but it may be helpful to think more about why that particular card made you feel that way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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