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    Henry McLeod

    I want to be a Buddhist so bad, but I want to hear other people’s reason leaving Christianity.
    These are my three…

    1. It goes against basic Science and Reason.
    2. Over 1000+ Contradictions in the bible.
    3. He killed an estimated two million people in the bible because “he can”.

    Have any more reasons? I’m sorry if this offends those who are Christians AND Buddhists.
    I just don’t personally feel like I’m a Christian anymore…


    Dear Henry McLeod:

    How about not being a Christian or a Buddhist, how about being Henry McLeod?


    Hi Henry,

    I live in Slovakia, where almost 80% of people are Christians. Nobody asks me, I just grew up in Christian family so I was a Christian too. But since last year I’m not relate to any religion. Why?

    …for me – it’s not about the science, it’s not about the bible, it’s about a principle of all religions: I think that all are based on telling you what to do, and trying to manipulate us with guilt. (Sorry if I harm your values, it’s just my point of view)

    When it comes to Christianity the first reason was:
    I realized that they telling “God is love” but 90% of their speech is about hell, sins and that we all are sinners. They using phrases like: “God’s anger” and if God is love this doesn’t make any sense.
    I learned that we are angry when things doesn’t go the way we want. How can God get’s angry? How can love feel anger?

    ..and so on

    Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. (Someone)

    Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. (Marcus Aurelius)

    all I said is just my point of view. I don’t believe in one ultimate true. We all have our own true and it is okay. It’s a way how we see the world.

    PS: I agree with Anita. Be YOU. You are unique. You don’t need someone to tell you how to live or what is right. Be Henry McLeod. Be free my friend.


    Hello Friend, Well try this. Instead of jumping out of one boat and right into another. Why dont you research all religions? Take your time, and when you feel what makes the most sense to you go with that one. Thats what I did when I started asking the question “Why are we here?” After months of research and racking my brain I finally found my choice and I havent looked back.

    You have to choose what to believe when your an adult with an adult mind. Cant just keep following what you learned as a child because you might choose different.


    Hi Henry,

    My main reason for ending my ties with Christianity is because the entire concept became truly corrupt. I believe that the Bible has great morals. I believe that some people truly need a god or God, or need some guidance in their lives. Some people need that safety and trust that someone is taking care of them in this cruel world. But what strayed me away was the negativity that came with groups of any religion. This stands true with Catholics, Mormons, Atheists, etc etc etc. The idea of a religion became more of telling other religions that they were wrong because -insert long list-, rather than believing in what they do and allowing others to do the same. I just believe that just because one person believes in something doesn’t make someone else’s beliefs invalid in any way.

    What really tipped me off the edge is when people would do cruel and unjust things and blame it on the grace of God. Discriminating others, killing others, badmouthing others even. There is no reason to do those things. And it became so hypocritical that Christians value the whole “Love your brothers and sisters” but cannot love their brothers and sisters that are different than them in any way, shape, or form.

    I choose to love the entire crowd no matter what race, religion, or age they are. And being in a large church or religious group sometimes can restrict that or be frowned upon.


    I just no longer believe what Christians do anymore.


    Hi Henry,

    I was raised Christian, and I honestly wish I could still believe in it, but I just can’t. I try to be logical and use reason for everything in my life, and Christianity and the Bible just do not mesh with me. The creation story at the beginning in Genesis isn’t enough for me – it’s written like a child’s book. If God were really all powerful, he would have known that in the future once we learned more about science, the laws of physics, stars and planets etc. that the creation story he laid out in the Bible would not suffice.

    When talking or debating with Christians, they mostly answer with “you just have to have faith.” They can completely ignore problems and be completely illogical by just using that phrase. To me that’s not a good way to go about living life. I also don’t like that they often avoid making important decisions in their life by deferring them to God. I’m not into following blindly. I believe in what I can observe and what makes sense to me.

    I personally believe that the Bible and stories of Jesus / God were just myths / stories passed that were passed through generation to generation, getting more and more exaggerated with every step. People want to believe in something, because without it, it’s easier to feel small and insignificant.

    I think Christianity has a lot of good things going for it, and I think it’s a nice way to instill some morals in people that otherwise might not have them, but it’s not for me. I treat people like I want to be treated, and do my best to be a “good person” without having a God watching over me.


    I am a Christian and I feel that personal belief is more important than organized religion. I think a lot of times when it comes to faith, we can be pressured to fit in with a specific group of people. I think connecting with your higher power and walking on your own journey in faith, and being aware of your gifts is what matters most.

    I think you just have to trust you journey and that you will find what you are seeking spiritually. The idea of leaving a religion makes it sound like you were part of some exclusive club that is difficult to break free from (and it can feel that way sometimes), but I don’t think that’s what belief is.

    You don’t have to think of this as leaving a religion and joining another. You can just think of it as continuing on the spiritual journey you have already been on for many years. You are continuing to try to connect with you higher power and be your best self. You are trying grow. Growth is not something you put in a box. It flows, it allows you to learn. Faith is a journey. Trust that.

    If you haven’t seen or read Life of Pi, I think it’s a good idea to look into it. The boy in the story believed in many religions at once, even if they contradicted each other. But he was very spiritual and that is the journey he was on. Also, Oprah’s TV series, “Belief,” is seriously worth looking into! Check out her YouTube channel. It’s about people of all belief backgrounds.

    Also, you don’t to be a part of organized religion to have a relationship and find comfort in Jesus Christ. But again you are on your own path and I wish you the best.

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