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    I have been trying out for new opportunities lately to boost my career, however as soon as i started appearing for interviews, a feeling of sadness seemed to be started taking over me.

    Though i am excited about a prospect of new beginning but at the same time all these rejections making me feel as if i am not enough. With Every rejection i go more into this loop.

    I dont have any questions but at this very moment i am feeling empty and not sure how to come out of it?



    Dear Abhi:

    “I am feeling empty and not sure how to come out of it?”- remind yourself that rejections are part of the interview process, that almost everyone gets rejected repeatedly before being accepted.

    Remind yourself that it is natural to feel sad and empty when being rejected and when anticipating rejection.

    Don’t  try to force the sadness and emptiness outside of you. Instead calm down best you can, breathe slowly and naturally, and let the sadness and emptiness stay inside of you. Understand that you are able to endure these emotions, that these emotions will not harm you. Let them be. If you let them be, they will naturally lessen soon enough.

    When these emotions return, repeat.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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