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    It has been more than two years that I know him. We both were classmates. We both went on some random discussions on spirituality when we first met. It was something we had in common. Gradually we became close friends. And as I remember, we both hardly required any time to get along with each others. But we were just friends. We randomly discussed about Yoga, Meditation techniques and spiritual upliftment. We were two of a kind. We were like a team. Slowly, we understood each other and helped each other solve life problems and to guide further. More than friends, we’ve been great mentors to each other. We’ve immense care and affection towards each other that if he isn’t okay, I feel him even though we’re away living in different cities. He always reads my mind before I’m gonna say it to him. Even when we weren’t in contact for an year, I always felt we both are together. With him, I don’t feel any bondage, any attachment or any boundaries. I’m the real me when I’m with him. I can share anything and everything, literally everything with him. When I’m with him, I feel most secured. When he hugged me for the first time, I got a vibe that I’ve experienced this before and I’ve been knowing him since long. I never fear to lose him yet he’s there always in my heart. But we don’t have an intimate or erotic relationship, it’s just platonic love. The way he makes me feel, the way he treats me, the way he guides me to be a better version of myself…. I just love it! He says that I reside in him and that he feels me within him. He’s like my happy place and my home where I can be the real me, without any stress, safe and protected. I literally feel knowing him since ages, the way we met, and became close to each other, in such less span, that too… the bond is such divine! And because of this, we decided not to marry each other even being the best friends as marriage is something which binds us to materialistic life and the bond we share is some kind of spiritual connection I feel. Usually people have their heartbeats raised and breaths fastened, an anxiety and excitement during an intimate contact with the one you love, but I felt so stillness within me. Even if I marry someone else, I’ll always care and pray for him and that he’ll be always in my heart guiding me throughout my life. We both love each other so deeply. And I know, I’ve a spiritual connection with him. But, is he my soulmate? Kindly put some light on this please.


    Dear Pritu:

    You asked: “is he my soulmate?- depends on the definition of soulmate. According to various dictionaries, a soulmate is “a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner, “a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament; a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs”- according to these definition the two of you are indeed soulmates.

    Are you referring to a different definition of soulmate, and if so, what is your definition?



    Dear Pritu, I love what you wrote!  I’m wondering why the need to label “soulmate” is necessary?  In my humble opinion only, the need to label anything can be a game changer at best.  The relationship you describe is amazing and sounds like what we all hope for.  So I guess my question is why label it?  It sounds as if the two of you will be friends forever, and that’s a rare, beautiful thing.  If you’re asking advice, mine would be to be grateful for what you have/found.  Please don’t muddle yourself with labels as there is absolutely no need.  I hope I’ve helped somewhat! 🙂

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