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    Paige Sprayberry

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi, this is Paige. There is this guy friend, we’ve been friends for 4 years and should I say best friends till I started having feelings for him. But then he has someone he liked. They didn’t work out and she got a boyfriend after they haven’t talked for 2 months and after that I know he passed through a really tough point in his life, he was desperate about getting a girlfriend. Guess he wanted to show her that he is better without her. But I was there all along and I know he knows that I like him. Then one day, we have this huge high school reunion and my girl best friends are gonna be there and they made a group chat about it. He asked me to come, we haven’t met each other for 3 months. I was planning to go because of my girl friends. Then things happened and at the reunion, my girl friends would check him out for me and he is always looking in my way, he searched me in a crowd, he purposely stepped down to walk beside me, a lot things happened and they told me that he liked me for sure and I was so happy. Then I went on a trip and during that trip, he texted me and said he broke up with his girlfriend, there’s only one thing going on my mind back then, was it because of me? I honestly doesn’t want to be the person that break someone’s relationship. But he told me it’s just because he didn’t love her. Then we would went out for food for I guess around 4 times. He cared about me like when it was raining and I didn’t pull the hoodie up, he would do that for me. His manners were great. I was clear about my intentions. I bought him presents , I cared about him. he was hot and cold to me though. But the day after my birthday, he asked me to meet and I rejected him cuz it’s raining and I don’t want to come down and hire a taxi and he said he would come and pick me up. He was so persistent about it so  I said okay. Then he got me a birthday present, a purse, I lost my purse months ago and he knew it. That’s why he gave it to me. He was the sweetest that day. Things were going a little bit fine then after his exam, he changed again. I thought it was because he failed his university final exam and he probably didn’t want to talk about it to anyone. He is the kind of person who would rather keep it in his heart than let it out. So I gave him some space since my exam is also quite near too. So I want to focus on it. Some friends told me that he’s playing around with me and I just I don’t get it. When I asked him about the exam result and he told me that he failed, I was there to support him. I told him not to worry and don’t listen to others. I don’t want to see you upset. I would buy food when you get back from trip(he went back to his hometown for 1 month) but his responses were not good. He just said alright. I just don’t know what to do. Is he playing with me or is he passing though some tough point? I am kinda an over thinker so, this is giving me a really hard time. Am I imagining things or did he really care about me? Recently his crush (the one that didn’t work out) became single again and it is getting on my nerves.</p>



    Dear Paige:

    I hope you get the answers from him. I hope you ask him and that he will answer honestly. Better not guess about his motivations, his thoughts and feelings. Better not have your friends guess for you.

    Better ask him and expect, if he is a friend, that he will answer you honestly.


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