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    I am married and I recently left DC where me, my husband and our 7 yr old daughter lived for 12 years. My husband was living there for 10 months alone as he was angry that I had left town for an invalid reason. I left DC because his sister used to live in DC and things did not go well between my sister-in-law and me. They never helped me in anyway, although they helped my husband financially before marriage. I helped in a lot of ways – babysitting, having them over whenever they felt like etc. My sis-in-law likes to show off and I just cannot stand that. My husband is very close to his sister and finds fault with me for almost everything I do. I left with our daughter and came to Texas.
    He too wanted me to leave DC and made it obvious that it would end our relationship in divorce. At the time of leaving everything happened so fast that I did not tell my neighbors of 10 years that I was leaving town as I was embarrassed that my marriage was falling apart. Now my husband has agreed to come to Texas, but he still does not agree with me leaving town.
    I feel guilty that I did not tell my neighbors, they called me after I left but I did not respond to them. Now that things are falling back in place, should I talk to them. If so how should I do it – email/phone? Should I apologize or not?


    By phone would be better, more caring and polite. When you call and ask them how they are doing, how things are in that place, you can roughly understand how they felt when you left without saying. I don’t know about the customs in your place but, if they sound offended by your leaving abruptly, then, you may apologize. That way, you can restart your previous friendship again. Also you can clear off any misunderstandings that arose after your leaving. Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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