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    When I took my first tentative steps on a spiritual path, I realized I was holding on to a lot of anger, which was only hurting me, not my mother (who had died when I was a teenager) who had abused me both physically and emotionally.
    Understanding this was the first step in letting go of my anger and beginning the forgiveness process.  But how was I going to do that when my mother was dead?
    The answer is I came up with my own guided meditation. After meditating and getting into a calm and peaceful state, I visualized meeting my mother and having a conversation with her. Both of us said the words that needed saying, including “I forgive you” from me. We parted from each other with love.
    This started the healing in my heart and from then on forgiveness started to become a way of life for me.
    Letting go of that anger, which had been a dull but constant pain in my life, affecting not just me but all my relationships, was like experiencing freedom after a life-sentence in prison!
    I now understand forgiveness is the concept of giving is receiving in action – what I gave to my mother, I gave to myself.
    Hey, if there is a person (or persons) in your life with whom you are angry I encourage you to open your heart and understand you can choose to forgive.
    Forgiving another does not mean you condone or accept abusive or hurtful behavior – it means that you choose to come from compassion, perceive it differently and let it go.
    Love and peace,


    Hello, Marilyn,

    There is such loving power in your story, its healing process, especially regarding forgiveness. For me, forgiveness is really about me letting go of the grip that I have on the pains of the past. It really has little to do with the other person. And it has everything to do with me letting go and moving on by way of compassion, kindness, and love.

    Our forgiveness truly sets us free, free to be quite happy and so loved.



    Wow, your story is amazing!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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