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    It happened a week ago. The woman I had been seeing for the past 6 months told me she wanted to break up. I thought we were in a lull, but as it turned out, we were at the end. It was sweet the way she did it and it was hard for both of us, which is a good sign. If it meant nothing, there would be no pain. We were both glad for the experience of being together, at least for awhile. There was a lot of good there and a lot of beauty expressesed. I will always feel love for her, because she is great and torured and human, and I got to see it. I feel grateful for the experience.
    All that being said, I feel like crap right now a lot of the time and am emotionally up and down. I feel like someone has chopped a hole in the world I see and there is a piece missing. I am abstaining from any alcohol for awhile to let myself feel every bit of what there is to feel. I am noticing the difference between how I felt in the relationship and how I feel now, examining the root causes of these feelings, and seeing the therapist twice a month that I go to from time to time to keep some perspective and keep from lying to myself.
    I will not stay stuck in a funk forever, and this “broken up” phase will pass. I have been through this before through losses of loved one’s to death, and on the other side by initiating breakups, but I had never had someone break up with me that I wanted to be with (and had it stick). I have felt tortured by thoughts of a lover gone, written some really tortured poetry to work it out, and had to work my way back to healthy thinking. Inspiration comes for me in a few things. The poem, “The Guest House” by Rumi (as interpreted by Coleman Barks) is a good reminder to welcome the feelings and feel them. I feel a little less alone in this by listening to the live version of “Old Love” by Eric Clapton on youtube, along with “The kind of love we’re in” by Freedy Johnston. Sometimes when someone tells me how they don’t ever want to feel sad again, I ask them, “What part of the human experience do you not want to have?”.
    Well here it is, this part of the human experience. I hope that this is helpful to even just one person who reads this, maybe figure out a thing or two, it already has been helpful to me to write it.
    Now I will take a break from love relationships for awhile, clean out the cobwebs, get emotionally healthy, and be ready for the next woman in my life. She will come, I have no doubt, and I will be ready, but first I have to make room for her.

    Rose Tattoo

    I applaud your ability to see the bigger picture, and I totally feel your pain, as I broke up with someone I love very much, also about a week ago, and after about 5 months together. I think I’m in more pain than he is.

    It sounds like you have just the right attitude, and you will get through this and be stronger and will show up in your next relationship in a wonderful way, I can sense it.

    be well!

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