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    Hello everyone,

    I see a lot of people going through tough times just the way I am, so I wanted to share something positive. After being verbally, emotionally, and physically abused by my mother I realized that I could not longer live with her in a toxic environment. I was diagnosed with ADD, PTSD, and depression. Since then, I was able to move out with the help of some friends who let me stay with them while I went apartment hunting. I met some wonderful people (my now roommates) who I became very close to and found a job. My job was temporary and I was laid off during the holidays. After being unemployed for a while, I just got a job offer and will be starting work soon. Don’t lose hope! Each day is a new day and something different will happen. Happy new year everyone!


    Dear Annie,
    I feel happy for you.And you did see light at the end of the dark tunnel
    Great to hear that stayed/are being positive in spite of all these hurdles and willing to spread positivity across to all those who feel low.
    Stay positive and blessed.
    Keep posting here often.
    Happy new year to you too



    Thanks for the kind words priyaharidas. Take care!


    Dear Annie:

    I thought I responded to your thread of two days ago, yet I don’t see my reply here… strange, to me.

    Congratulations, Annie, for standing up to abuse and moving out. And then, you met new people, worked and about to start a new job. It is good to read a good story!

    My hat is off to you for doing these things!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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