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    LOA has very little to do with attracting physical things in your life by wanting them and practically begging the universe for it over and over. LOA is simply generating positive energy and positioning yourself in a receiving appreciative mindset. It’s about already feeling like you have all you need before you get it. Its about grounding yourself and centering yourself so that you openly attract the positive things in life that are meant for you.Its about cultivating the proper healthy energy that helps you make better choices. So in a sense you’re doing what you have to do to receive great things without feeling like you’re working as hard because you are in a relaxed positive state of mind…LOA is about inner workings people get confused because they’re so attached to thinking that wants and needs automatically have to deal with money and nice things that in no way support the purpose of giving and receiving unconditional love …


    Sky Garcia

    I have experience with LOA this way. I wanted some money and I was saying in my mind – “Universe I want money, and I want to get out of this rut”. I then took some steps to make sure that I am out of this rut and I am after money in such way that I won’t be having this issues again. I found that LOA in this case always works. It is always about action-assumption and then never stopping.

    Another example, I used to walk in my own apartment society and used to get stopped by security and forced to show them I am resident in my own apartment. I realized that with some confidence and looking them into the eyes, I can stop them from doing this, despite they are taking this as a game. So it’s all in thoughts, if we attract bad people and bad things in mind, universe responds.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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