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    What is powerful ?? Luck or hard work?? I know each one has different view on it. I am the person who always believes in hard work. I never blame luck in my life. May be because i have not any bad experience of luck or I have not noticed. May be because sub consciously I don’t want to become careless on blaming luck.

    I think hard work and luck walk together. When you have luck, sometimes you get chance suddenly and after that you work on it with hard work and again you receive reward and you may be feel you are lucky or you can say I work hard so I have got that outcome. It always depends on your view how you see the situation. You may be not got success in something and you blame that my luck is bad or you can see your weaknesses and review your work. You start again and you may be got that work done.

    Talking about luck one thing should be noted that you can’t be lucky all time. Luck can’t be worked if you do not take action to get the result. Even lucky person can’t get all the things at that time. She/he also has some particular area in which he feels he is not lucky. Everyone has something and no one has everything. That is truth of life. So if you are the person who always blames luck or icai .Think once. We can’t get anything by blaming. If you want something, take the action. Don’t wait for being lucky. May be you are lucky because god has put idea or dream in your mind. Now it is your choice to work hard on it and achieve that goal.

    Thanks for reading

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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