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    Hi all, I’m super duper new here, but I’m happy to finally join in on the forums!

    I have a quick question that I’d like a few opinions on, so if you’d like to chime in please feel free to do so!

    I’ve had an generalized anxiety disorder for most of my life, (I’m 27 right now) and I’m currently struggling (a LOT) with the idea of taking a low dose of medication or changing my lifestyle (ie: working out, diet, yoga, more socialization).

    I realize that it’s a big decision, but I’ve been against taking medication my whole life (my anxiety makes me terrified of side-effects!) and I’ve never actually had any serious “healthy” lifestyle changes.

    Just curious where the rest of you stand on things like this, and if anyone has had positive results with both sides of the coin!


    I was on an anti depressant about 2 years ago and it didn’t work well for me. Just to give u some background about me. I don’t even take pain killers for cramps or headaches. I go for a run when I get sick so taking something mind altering was beyond my comfort level. I got off of it and being in a relationship, I stop therapy as well. Fast forward to now, relationship ended badly and I was in pieces. I am seeing a holistic psychologist who recommends a healthy diet and lifestyle before prescribing medicine but given my awful state two months ago, she prescribed a medicine for mood disorder which is a mild form of bipolar disorder. I have been on this medicine for about two months now but due to real soul searching, meditating, healthy eating, exercising, reading, being nurturing and kind to myself and doing all the things everyone on this site has recommended, I was told to stop taking the medicine whenever I feel like it. I am choosing not to do so right now as I am still very fragile and don’t wasn’t to agitate my mind. I will stop taking it as soon as I am well mentally.
    What I am trying to say is please research all that you can about anything you will be taking. Sometimes these medicines save lives as mental disorders are as serious if not more than physical disorders. Try to find a kind, holistic doctor who can give u natural alternatives to medicines, if there are any.
    Don’t ever hesitate to improve your life however you can. You will know when a medicine is not a right fit for you.

    Good luck with everything.


    Hi Sarah,

    I started seeing my therapist a year ago, she noticed that I wasn’t moving on with my situation. That’s when she did a depression scale on me. Based on my answers, she helped me realize that I was depressed. She told me a bit more about it and suggested starting an antidepressant. She explained to me that the medication was not the solution to my problems, but rather would be a tool to help me quiet my thoughts so that I could work through them and finding coping mechanisms. She also mentioned that I could get off of it gradually when the time was right. Fast forward to now, I’m feeling loads better and am taking the steps to ween my body off of the meds.

    Sometimes, lifestyle changes might not be enough for us to help make those changes. You can look for alternative methods through a naturopath like Sapnap3 suggested. Either way, you know yourself best, so go with what you feel is right for you. Hope that helps. 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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