Mexico this month but there’s a person that’s going I’m not fond of.

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    Good morning everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.❤️

    My friend Nancy who’s a close friend/co-worker, invited me to Tulum, Mexico this month and I accepted the invitation. There’s one person that I’m not fond of, that is going. Now, I’m easy to travel with and to get along with. It’s just that this one person that is going in the group, I used to be close friends with and peacefully cut ties with for a long time.

    I had decided last fall after 4 years of not being close friends with her anymore, to give her a second chance. She is younger than me but last time she came out to visit me right before the holidays, she complained every time we went out to eat, complained about how expensive everything was and by the end of the week, I was glad she left and flew back home.

    The entire week was just her complaining, nothing was going right and I knew, it was a sign again, that I was not meant to be friends with her  again. This was not her first time visiting me in my home town, she likes to dine out so she knew better to be prepared to pay for her meals.

    It’s different when I’m dating a woman and romantically involved with her, to pay for her meals and vise versa but when we are friends and have always been friends, it’s 50/50.

    So in saying all that, I haven’t hung out with her or really spoken with her since and now my friend Nancy has invited her to Tulum with us, I’m not thrilled.

    We are all sharing a house on this trip, I just hope and pray that I don’t end up regretting it later. I guess, if worse comes to worse, I can stay somewhere else, shouldn’t be an issue though.

    Thoughts, questions and comments are welcomed.🙏


    Marie, you show a lot of self introspection and wisdom here. I hope this trip turns out well for you. You may have to ignore the complaining or do things on your own at the resort or house. This person might be invited as simply the only one Nancy could find other than you to help pay the rent on the house. She sounds like a bore, frankly, and maybe you can keep your good spirits up anyway. I have a friend, well an acquaintance, like this and I write down things to say when I am going to be around her. Thinks like, lets not talk about blank, it is such a bore. She goes into negative politics and says dreadful things. I find I have to speak up and say no to her. It makes me kind of on edge. Anyway, I sure hope you enjoy yourself.


    Yeah… it didn’t work out well, with the way Nancy planned it because she text me Sunday saying there are hurricanes forming in the gulf, so since I’m a member with United Airlines, I’m going to use the ticket to get back to Louisiana this weekend is what it’s looking like. Which is fine Bcuz I need to throw myself back into work for awhile. I’ll still have see the other girl/ co- worker I cut ties with again. Although she doesn’t work much, I always easily avoid her while staying busy at work. 😊

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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