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    I persisted with this girl and we got together for a very short period of time… Then we decided to take a break and become friends… During that time we still see each other and one day we quarrelled and she left… She moved to other city now… It is hard for me… I admit that I still have feelings for her but she seems so care free now.. I wrote letters, send her flowers, tried to make her stay, three times… and the last time I talked to her I was completely broken down… I hated myself for being desperate in that phone call… She did not shut me off completely but I guess she was trying to be nice and ask me to move on, just like what she already did… She said to me I will be fine, as I am not seeing her that often now and I will be able to move on easier… After the last phone call we ended everything in good term… But I stop contacting her ever since…

    I am battling with myself to move on from this relationship… I know this is the only thing I can do… but it just pains me sometimes… Its like one day I feel positive and the next day I feel so messed up… This transition period is just hard for me… And deep inside me, a voice is saying that I still want her back… I want to give it a few years, and if I still love her at that time, I want to ask her to love me back again…. But there are always doubts… a few years is a long period of time, things can happen… I know I am going to find love in my life again in the future but I just can’t think of us not getting back together forever…

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