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    Hi all!! I need serious advice on the matter.

    I will write the long version of my story later in this thread.

    I’ve been with the love of my life for 16 years! In a live-in relationship for 8 years. Have two pets together too which r our babies.

    Just about 4-5 years ago when we decided to marry, his parents started drama saying they won’t allow marriage to me due to my parents not agreeing (my parents are abusive and I left home and moved with my Bf he’s been the only family since). We both took a step back and didn’t bring up the topic again.

    But to make it brief, my situation is very similar to you guys’ except there are some unusual occurrences.  In you guys cases the guy doesn’t want to go against his parents. But in mine, his parents were against it but he fought for me. he was discussing court marriage with me, invited his friends and told them about our plans then all of a sudden within a matter of 3 days after going to his mom’s house turned extremely 180 and ends up meeting an arrange marriage girl for the first time (a girl whom he told me he didn’t like earlier). Since then he’s gotten aggressive strange weird. Right now he’s  threatening me with a legal case.  Remember this is a guy who moved out of his parents house to be with me and changed to extreme level in 3 days ?!?

    I’m trying to talk to him but there is no communication possible. Things are too strange right now. He’s trying to put a restraining order on me.  And it 3 days ago he was discussing our marriage plans and future with his friends and me.

    I’m just not sure what to think or do.

    We aren’t the kind of couple to have many fights. I’m beyond lost in this matter. All I can say is when I went to his parents house to talk to him his mom opened the door and said to go away. I asked her how can he change so fast n she just gave me this evil smile as if she knows she has something to do with this and is happy inside.

    Right now something seems strange.

    I want to add my Bf is Indian. Specifically from Fiji islands. Do u guys know anyone from those places?

    Right now my biggest confusion is what’s going on ??  And how do I talk to him it seems he’s a stone there is zero communication out of nowhere and I’m trying to stop his intentions for the court case but cannot unless I talk to him!! Maybe his mom is behind the court case but I want it dropped but how do I reach him.

    Its getting into a bigger mess. I need help from u guys on how u would manage.


    Dear Nita:

    “my bf is Indian. Specifically from Fiji islands. Do u guys know anyone from those places?”-

    – I don’t but I looked it up at Wikipedia (entries: “Fiji” and “Indo-Fijians”):  Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It consists of 332 islands, of which 106 are inhabited by people, and 522 smaller islets. The two biggest islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The islands are mountainous and covered with thick tropical forests.

    Fiji used to be a British colony (like its neighbors New Zealand and Australia), then won its independence in 1970, and became a Republic in 1987.

    In 1878 Indian people were brought to Fiji from India, first from Calcutta, then from Madras and Bombay, as indentured laborers (similar to slaves) to work  on the sugarcane fields of Fiji. They were brought on sailing ships (a 73 day trip), or steamers (a 30 day trip).

    By 1916, about 61 thousand Indians from were brought to Fiji. The idea was that the Indian workers will work for five years in Fiji and then return to India at their own expense. The great majority chose to stay, many couldn’t afford the trip back. Later, in the 1900s, Indians started arriving in Fiji as free agents (not as indentured laborers). Among them were religious teachers, missionaries and at least one lawyer.

    As a result of the years of Indian indentured labor, similar to slavery, Indian people of different castes lived together, ate together and the caste system ended. Also, there was a shortage of Indian women in Fiji, in the early days, which resulted in many marrying outside their caste.

    Because people from different areas of India were living together, a new language called Fiji Hindi was formed from the different languages and dialects of India. Later the language was further enriched by including many native Fijian words and English words.

    Most of the population in Fiji from 1956- the 1980s were Indo-Fijians, but because of political unrest and discrimination in the 1980s, lots of Indo-Fijians who could afford it,  left Fiji. Currently, Indo-Fijians are no longer the majority, but 40% of the population (almost 60% of the population are native Fijians).

    – did you know any of the above information?

    You shared that your boyfriend and his parents are of Indo-Fijians origin, that his parents were against his relationship with you, but he lived with you for 8 years and considered court marriage with you. Then “all of a sudden”, 3 days after he visited his mother, he met a woman that his mother wants him to marry and he is threatening you with a legal restraining order.

    Did he threaten you with a legal restraining order because you went to his mother’s house one time, when she opened the door to you and told you to go away, and did you refuse to leave her house?


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    Anita, no, I wrote when He (my bf) went to his mothers house.   I dont go to her house however she did say for me not to go there. There was never any forceful going to his mom’s or aggression in any way. His purpose forgetting it is so I stay away from him and never contact him.

    As I said before, his whole demeanor changed within 3 days it’s sort of unusual and creepy. I also know him for 16 years and he is not anything like this. He’s really kind and doesn’t do anyone wrong.

    I didn’t want the Wiki details on Fiji. I wanted to see if anyone knows about such people to see if this type of behavior seems odd or if parents have this much influence. To be quiet honest, I’m really feeling a 6th sense something doesn’t seem right and I’m not sure what to do given he’s filed and is like a zombie that you cannot do communication with.


    Dear Nita:

    In your original post you wrote: “when I went to his parents house to talk to him his mom opened the door and said to go away. I asked her how can he change so fast n she just gave me this evil smile”.

    In your second post you wrote: “Anita, no, I wrote when He (my bf) went to his mothers house. I don’t go to her house”-

    – in the first post you wrote that you went to his parents’ house and in the second, you wrote that you didn’t. I don’t understand the contradiction.

    “I didn’t want the Wiki details on Fiji”- I understand. I didn’t think those details can hurt, they were interesting to me. I thought they may be interesting to you, having been in a 16 year relationship with a man from that background.

    “I’m really feeling a 6th sense something doesn’t seem right”- I suppose you are referring to what you wrote in your second thread: “I’m feeling lately someone’s done something to me in terms of voodoo etc.”- I don’t have any experience with voodoo. I remember being in an authentic voodoo store in Venice, California. I don’t happen to believe in voodoo.

    I do hope you feel safer soon.




    Hi Anita.  Ok I reread my post I wrote it very late so forgot. So here’s what happened. I don’t go to his mom’s house in general  he too had moved out and was keeping separate. He ended up going there on his own alone that’s when he suddenly started acting this way.

    You’re right, I did go as I was looking for him after that sudden change. I still don’t think however that it’s because of that because in the time he mentioned it his reasoning was so there would be zero contact.  I do feel his mom is behind it as she’s always telling him to get one against me so she can get him married elsewhere.

    I just don’t get what’s happening here. I’m just thinking he’s not like this.

    But looking at stories on here I’m trying to find similarities on these things regarding arranged marriages.

    For now, I’m in a distorted mindset  not even sure what is going on to even know what to do. Any advice?


    Dear Nita:

    Mothers are often very powerful in their children’s lives, way into adult ages. Often mothers keep their power over their adult children by guilt tripping them, telling them how hard they worked, how much they sacrificed, and the message to the adult-child is: you owe me! – and this happens in all kinds of ethnic groups and cultures, arranged marriages- or not.

    I don’t know the history of your relationship with your (now ex) boyfriend, his long history with his parents, and your shorter history with his parents. If I knew, I’d have something more specific to tell you than the generality in my first paragraph here.

    Advice: he told you that he wants you to make no contact with him, not on the telephone, not online, not in-person, so don’t make any contact with him. If you had a child with him, or community property or legal matters that need to be settled, then contact through an attorney would be appropriate, but with no such matters- have no contact with him.

    If you want to share with me your history with his parents, and what you know about his history with his parents, his relationship with them before meeting you and after, please do, but only if you want to, only if you think it may help shed some light on what happened, or why it happened.



    Nita, it must be very distressing for you to have this suddenly happen. Everything you thought was normal is now changed. I agree with you that something is very wrong with the boyfriend. I wonder if his mother has a hold over him, like  something to “blackmail” him with or simply telling him he will be cut out of the family forever if he marries you. I don’t have much advice except to acknowledge that this man is tied in some way to his mother and you can’t fix or change it. You may never understand why or how he has changed. I think it is easy for me to say now you have to let go of him but I don’t really see any other choice that makes you the priority. I tend to see people’s behavior for what it really is. Somehow this boyfriend finds it easier to do the arranged marriage and give in to his family demands. Now is the time you protect yourself and look after yourself. I think this man showed you a side of himself that was false. He didn’t marry you because he was not willing to make his family angry. They basically “own” him which is not good for him or for you. Its really tough to love someone who can’t love you back in the way you need him to. I think you will feel huge grief for quite a while. You may feel rejected or bad about  yourself. This is really about the boyfriend’s lack of character. It is not about how you failed in some way. You did not cause this and you can’t fix it. He made a choice to abandon you. This is not a good person in my opinion but he hid his truth from you or you didn’t want to see it. I don’t know if you have counseling in your country or if there are grief groups. This can help you heal. The thing now is you have to protect yourself and put your own needs first right now. Start to widen your friendship circle if you can. Do nice things for yourself. I am so sorry. This sounds like a nightmare. I have known several women who thought they were in good relationships and then the man ups and leaves, but this happens to men also. The partner or spouse just goes on to live another life with another man or woman. It feels like betrayal and rejection and there is often great sorrow, maybe depression, maybe stuck in fixing the man or woman so they come back. It is hard. You will get through this and you deserve better than a false partner. I wish you much healing.

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