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    Johnny Hart

    Greetings everyone.

    This is my first post ever.

    My heart is heavy. I have an 8 year old cat who, a week ago, was running around and doing all the normal cat things. He has rapidly declined with some sort of neurological illness. The only possible way to know for sure the cause of his decline would be to get a $3400 MRI. I don’t have the money. All other options have been exhausted (medications, hospitals stay, etc.).

    So, I have been on a journey to find the deeper meaning in life since a friend gave me the book “Buddhism Plain and Simple” back in 2005. It really changed my life. I have walked an amazing path since then. Coincidentally, or maybe not, this beautiful cat of mine that is dying came into my life about the same time as the book. He has been there with me through an amazing time of growth and maturity. It is going to be a tremendous loss for me. His name is Pinky T. I also call him Buddha, Lil Buddha and Buddha boy.

    My plan is to have a vet come to my back yard and relieve him of his suffering there instead of letting him die in a sterile room somewhere surrounded by white walls and medical equipment. Along my path I have studied Native American wisdom, shamanism, Kaballah, and lots of related subjects as well as having a decidedly Christian upbringing. I am going to have a ceremony with close friends to honour Pinky T and his life and send him on to the next thing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for such a ceremony? Anything you’ve done in the past?

    Blessings to all. Give your pets extra love today.


    Jenny Smith


    My heart is with you. I have lost (from natural causes and putting to sleep) many, many of my animals over the years. Animals that are not mine come to my house to die with dignity because they know they will be loved as they pass. It is never easy saying goodbye to a beloved pet. In reading your post I can feel how much you love Pinky T. He knows it, too. I believe our animals choose us. Some stay for a long time, others a very short time. I think he chose to be with you during your time of growth. What a gift he gave to you! When you have your ceremony (or if you get this message afterward), talk to him about how much he meant to you. Thank him for all he gave you and for choosing to be with you. I believe they hear and feel everything we say to them. His energy will be with you afterwards, so pay attention to little signs. When you remember him, he is right there with you saying “Hello.”

    Much love,


    Johnny Hart

    Thanks so much for the kind words Jenny. Not surprisingly, the amount of love coming at me from friends is quite amazing. Everyone who ever met Pinky T remembers him. He’s a charming lad that never met a stranger. And yes, there is no doubt he will be pawing at me from the astral plane til I join him there.


    Hi Johnny

    My deepest condolences, losing a family member is heartbreaking. When my dog passed away in my arms I decided to prepare a photograph of her and weave a flower garland for her memorial. We packed her ashes in a beautiful scarf and laid her to rest with her favorite toys. We also kept a candle lit for her at the windowsill so she could find her way home.

    I’m sure Pinky T knows how much you love him and he will live on and return to your side in a different form.

    It’s about 3 years later and we welcomed a new addition to the family. We really think he is a reincarnation of my original puppy but she will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Best of luck to you.

    Johnny Hart

    I did a short eulogy on my Facebook page feel free to check it out.


    Johnny Hart

    The memorial was perfect. I converted his grave site into a place of meditation: with stones, sand, rosebush, moonshine yarrow, dream catcher, a tiny Jesus, and a beautiful Buddha statue both looking down on him.

    The ceremony included: friends, west African drums, incense, light rain, and party favors.

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