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    Hi everyone. About a month ago I realized I have been going through what most refer to as a Spiritual Awakening and I have been for quite some time now. It has been affecting every aspect of my life since I was sixteen years old and I am now eighteen, almost nineteen. I have gone through bouts of depression and anxiety since I was nine years old and was never able to find a reprieve from them until this summer when I started to experiment with drugs and alcohol. My story with drugs and alcohol is similar to most I believe, in that it all started out fun but of course ended with the depression and anxiety never really leaving and only getting worse. It was because of this that I decided to really take a step back and look at myself because I didn’t want drugs and alcohol to become my crutch. I wanted to feel okay and happy without substances. I also had to let go of a co-dependent friendship because of this and of course that didn’t make the process any easier. Now, I have found a lot of comfort in meditation and raising my vibration by letting go of the bad habits I had picked up. However, I’m currently living at home with my parents and grandparents who are all devout Christians. I love them to death and I don’t want to turn them away from their faith but I’m finding it very difficult to be around them sometimes. My grandma in particular as she struggles with depression as well and always has but she finds comfort in material things and constantly talking about her past. Sometimes I just find it too much to be around and have to excuse myself from the situation, which she takes as me being rude. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Another thing, I spent the summer living and working in Alaska from May to the end of September. Before this, I worked and before that I had just gotten my GED. I left school in the 11th grade and with that, my friends as well. At my job before Alaska I had just started making friends when I decided to up and leave for the job in Alaska. What I’m trying to say is, I’m home now and I don’t have any friends other than my sister and my cousin, both of which I don’t see often. What would be good ways to get out and meet people? And people with similar interests for that matter? I know most people my age are in college and their main concern is either their grades or which party they’re going to next. I just got hired and will be starting a new job this week so I know that will be one way to meet people and also occupy my time, but besides that, what would be things I could also do by myself that won’t get me into any trouble and continue down this Spiritual Awakening path that I want to be on? Any responses would be great. Thank you for listening.



    Dear Hannah:

    Living away from home may be better for you. If your experience in Alaska was a good one, that is an indication that living away from home may be a good idea at this point, and so, you will not be interacting with your grandmother, for one.

    Having a new job will allow you some financial independence, social interactions and will give you a routine, all beneficial, reads to me.

    I think you need social support in your New Beginning, not wanting to use or abuse drugs and alcohol, meditating and so forth. Maybe an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) can be such support for you, at least temporarily. Maybe there you can find other people who meditate. Maybe a meditation center exists in your area?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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