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    How many posts must a man post here?
    Before they vanish in thin air
    The answer my friend
    is blowing in the wind
    the answer is blowing on the wind


    Dear jock,

    Welcome back!
    Now I have this song stuck in my head because of you 😉 Although, to be fair, it’s not that bad considering all the musical junk that can (and invariably does) get stuck in one’s brain.
    Would you like me to pin your post down such that it doesn’t blow in the wind? If yes, here you go: *hands over a nice blue pin* 🙂
    Apart from your highly innovative lyrics, was there anything in particular you wanted to talk about?
    Hope you are doing well!

    Best wishes,


    Have you changed your username annagramma?
    Don’t remember you?
    Nice of you to respond. Thanks

    I’m here for a short stay
    I wish and hope and pray
    That with words we can play
    I remember one Anita
    No one could defeat her
    She helped one and all
    When they had a fall
    Such was her analysis
    I could avoid dialysis!

    I reverted to Catholicism
    Guess that will here cause me ostracism
    haven’t found the whole truth yet
    and never will I bet
    feel the answer is Jesus
    he knows me better than I know him
    some times I think His message is grim
    He wants us to share his Cross
    I need to remember who’s boss
    His will be done
    And my will needs to be done
    Before I die.
    need to stop joking
    about the One who can save my butt
    from Hell


    Dear jock,

    I am a long time reader and silent lurker on the “tinybuddha” forums. This means that I remember the nice discussions you had with Anita. However, I am a relatively new active member. I do not intend to and also cannot possibly compete with Anita when it comes to posting here (or in any other matter, really). I have neither the time nor the necessary energy, I’m afraid. I hope this helps clarify the situation 🙂
    Even though I like to think I have a rather good sense of humour, I must say it is rather difficult for me to identify it online. For example, your rhymes about reverting to catholicism: is that merely a joke, a simple turn of phrase or do you mean it sincerely? Of course, you don’t have to answer such a personal question from a complete stranger on the internet. But that is precisely my point: we *are* just strangers communicating on the internet and that makes it sometimes difficult to gauge what the other person means. It’s just the nature of the communication medium. That is why I initially asked whether there was any particular topic you wanted to talk about. I was just curious what exactly you wanted to communicate through your post.

    I am sending you my best wishes!


    Its true about me reverting to catholicism


    Dear jock:

    I hope you will be reading this. Your visits here have been short indeed.

    This thread was the first I answered before my account got deactivated and my post to you the day before yesterday didn’t appear. I hope you read my post to you on your previous thread, about going back in history to the very first thread you posted in 2014.

    Love your poem above: witty, hilarious, classic jack-Juanita-jock. Brilliant and funny all the way through. The ending: “need to stop joking* about the One who can save my butt* from Hell”

    I am glad your re-catholicizing yourself did not hurt your wit and creativity! And if it is something you take with you, according to Catholicism, your wit, humor, funniness, it sure is going to be a fun place- heaven that is. Got to be heaven.. and you can eat all the biscuits you liked so much (and maybe still) and never gain an ounce. (I imagine so, it being heaven).



    * Dear Annagramma: I have a wish, that you would start a thread, so that I can communicate with you. This is jock’s thread, so can’t do it here.

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