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    Hey guys, I am starting a YouTube channel and want to spread positivity and good messages. I need ideas for content. I was wondering if you could help me with suggestions about ideas that you see asked about the most? I am also aligning the content on my social media pages. Some things that I am already working on are The Power of Positive Thinking, Soft Life Skills, Organization, etc. I am actually super excited about the feedback! Thanks so much.


    Nina Sakura

    Hi Ally

    Usually the questions that get asked the most pertain to relationship issues – things like severe trust issues, having a pattern of poorly chosen partners, moving on from break up (asked a lot), inability to recognise and let go of abusive behaviour etc.

    A video on boundaries, emotional self-regulation, how to choose a good relationship, how to have a healthy relationship would help.



    Hi dogoodatlife,

    Whatever you add to your channel, focus more on the “how” part.
    For example1, instead of simply saying “quiet your mind” focus on “how” to quieten the mind, what to do in order to quieten the mind – for example meditation – then if you want to add more information convey about different types of meditation.

    Example2: Instead of saying “Be positive” – focus more on all possible solutions on “how” to stay positive in the difficult times. There are several people out there who simply can’t think positive (“I am going to be rich” doesn’t resonate with many people).

    3. Instead of saying “just let it go” – Show them “how” to let it go. What can people practically do to really let it go.
    4. Instead of saying don’t worry – Show them “how” to stop worrying and start living.

    Along with the above, focus on the 3 major factors of life which people are always looking to improve upon – Health, Wealth & Relationships. (Health includes physical as well as mental)

    Every single soul on this earth wants more of peace, joy, happiness, abundance, bliss and of course Love. So focus more on anything that will ultimately allow people to reach these inner states.
    Any information/technique that gets rid of negative emotions (like pain, sorrow, resentment, hatred, shame, guilt, fear, anger, grief..) will automatically lead them to these beautiful inner states of mind (stated above).

    Give people back to themselves.

    Take care,

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