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    HeartVeld is socially interactive campaign which aims to promote love, happiness and things of the heart and is an ongoing fun activity I have been enjoying for a little while now and need your help in spreading the love further into your part of the world.

    It started when I felt like I needed to make a positive change in the world, and realized that through many small actions one can affect the world at large.
    So I created a facebook fanpage to connect with like minded individuals and a space to share our experiences.

    What YOU can do to help:
    Please “like” the HeartVeld page on facebook, and join in on the activities. (http://www.facebook.com/HeartVeld)

    • The Find Me Hearts: I created a page full of heart shape notes that I print, cut out and write short heart felt messages on each one, then finding a suitable place in a public space, I would leave it there for somebody to find. Hopefully making there day a little brighter.
      The act of leaving messages in locations (in South Africa, so far) is an enjoyable mini experience (what message to use, where to leave it, who will find it, don’t be seen leaving it, photograph it, smile about it). Hopefully the finder of the hearts will also enjoy the mini experience (what’s this, what’s it say, is it meant for me, should i leave it, smile about it). Download and share your own batch of hearts – http://bit.ly/obtQPV
    • The Found Hearts: Basically what it entails is whenever you find a heart or a symbol of love take a pic and share the experience here with us.
    • The Created Hearts: Got a little artist in you, create an artwork with love / using the heart symbol, maybe it will be a cupcake made for your lover, a drawing in the beach sand, something knitted, whatever. and don’t forget to share your experience with us

    ♥ Find me ♥ take me ♥ return me ♥ follow me ♥ share me ♥ feel me ♥ move me ♥

    love and light

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