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    Hey folks,

    I’m so sure where to begin so I will just try my best!

    About 2 years ago, when I was a Christian, I smoked a lot of weed which opened me up to a devil entity.

    I spent years before that trying to summon a succubus spirit (because, at the time I had very limited beliefs), failed and went into a deep depression. This is why, when I became vulnerable, the devil appeared (or so I thought at the time).

    Anyway as time went on, the voice remained and I’ve lost some of that power which resulted in this voice becoming very negative.

    Through practicing mindfulness and being present I’ve got to the point where it is just empty words with no emotion or will behind it (such as ‘dog’, ‘fool’ and ‘kneel’)

    Sometimes the voice would tell me it’s all in my head and it’s my dreams but I doubt my mind is more than empty slurs..

    I wouldn’t care as it helps me be present, focusing on what is happening here and now and less on my mind but here’s the big problem.. I still want to experiment with a succubus!

    Now that I’ve become much wiser than back when I had limited beliefs.. I see them as a created being in my mind, just like lucid dreaming but while awake (if that makes sense)

    But this negative being prevents me from achieving it the way I wish for it and speaking to it results in more name calling, telling me to kneel and so forth..

    I don’t even believe in the devil anymore but rather see it as a very dark manifestation

    I understand that letting go of attachments helps but I feel as though I’m not truly free because of that.. I feel as though I’m forced into letting go of something (such as letting go of that desire) when in truth, I know what I want.

    I see nothing wrong with exploring sexual desire in my mind ( this woke me up from organized religion) and it makes me feel depressed at times.

    Sorry for any bad English and spacing (my phone is making this much more difficult to type than it could be!) I may of left out some major details so I will reply if needed,





    Dear Chris:

    If you haven’t so far, it might be beneficial for you to see a medical doctor. These “like lucid dreaming but while awake …name calling, telling me to kneel and so forth” may be a matter of psychosis. And if so, it is treatable, from my understanding.




    Hi Anita,

    I actually was diagnosed psychosis when it started because I couldn’t understand what was happening at that time but as time went on I’ve learned to control it in many beneficial ways to the point I see it as a strange gift.


    The negative voice is really empty and not bothering at all but it’s when I wish to explore other spiritual beings/things it can bring me down.

    I’ve had many amazing events happening that made me believe that it is more than just my mind such as being told I will see someone at a time in a place and it actually happening

    It made me question the diagnosis completely at the time





    Dear Chris:

    If you have a question, can you state the question? If you have a request here otherwise, can you clearly state it?




    What would be the best approach to removing this dark entity? It’s been 4 years now and it’s a nuisance, stopping me from doing what I want to do.

    I don’t feed it at all and have done light meditations, visited healers (helped a bit but didn’t remove it), mindful meditations.. nothing seems to work,



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    Dear Chris:

    You asked: “What would be the best approach to removing this dark entity?”

    You referred to that dark entity as “a devil entity” and “a very dark manifestation”. You have experienced it during” lucid dreaming but while awake” and heard its “negative voice is really empty and not bothering at all but it’s when I wish to explore other spiritual beings/things it can bring me down.”

    My answer:

    1. Stop trying to explore other spiritual beings, specifically “to summon a succubus spirit”, that is, a demon in female form that appears in men’s dreams so to seduce men via sexual activity. I understand your interest in having sexual activity with a woman, and so, aim at a relationship with a woman.

    2. Avoid people in your life who are cruel. There are such people. Be kind to yourself and to others.

    There is no such thing as a devil or demons. We assign cruelty to an entity out there, a devil, or entities, demons, so to not see the cruel people in our lives.

    Look at the people in your life, choose who you interact with, and evaluate how you interact with others. Make your waking, real life meaningful and loving.

    3. Consider anti-psychotic medications to be prescribed by a psychiatrist.





    Hi Chris,


    You are not alone. Unfortunately the words ‘demon’ and ‘devil’, are very triggering because of the enormous stigma they hold.  Be assured that it is simply an ‘energy’ and you are doing the right thing by not emotionally reacting.  Do not call on anything to assist you that isn’t in your highest order and greatest good – certainly ask for protection, strength and guidance but always in your highest order and greatest good (intent is important, here).


    I have been through 15 years of experiences with entities. The struggle is real and is incredibly misunderstood in Western culture.   There is a book which I would recommend you pick up as soon as possible, as it goes into the mechanics of entity attachment and the process of de-conditioning we must go through, to remove the things they are attracted to. The Book is called The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception – You may also consider Shadows in the Twilight. This book speaks specifically about lucid dreaming.


    Essentially entities are drawn to lower vibrational energies which reside in our energy bodies (aura), e.g. sexual trauma, fear, violence etc and then they attempt to create reactions which generate energy of that type.


    The cousin of a friend of mine did something extremely stupid when she was 18 (I won’t go into details, as it could be very triggering for some) and she was in and out of mental hospitals for 3 years, diagnosed with schizophrenia.  She was beside herself because none of her family believed her, even though they had experienced an entity speaking through her, on one occasion. In the latest episode, she had been to see a demonologist to be ‘exorcised’ and he had filled her head with so many dangerous thoughts that she had a complete psychotic break. I had told my friend that I would dowse, to check whether there was infact an entity on her, and if there wasn’t, she could take that information to her cousin and re-assure her that she was OK (coming from somebody who has experienced it). Anyway, that night, I checked. And it wasn’t OK.  I immediately got in touch with an extremely powerful Soul Healer who saw that she was not suffering from mental health issues and she needed to see her ASAP.


    I won’t go into the rest of the details, because our destinies ended up being interconnected (for the betterment of us both), but it has been over a month since this girl started seeing the Healer and she is absolutely fine now.


    Start with the book, understand how and why.  Practice daily cleansing, and research how to live in your heart



    Best advice from Anita see a Medical doctor

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