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    i recently came across neuro linguistic programming.. which i understood(so far..) is about engineering our own thoughts into better ones and incorporate them into our sub conscious that we effortlessly act on them and thus become better or more focussed on what we want from life(like say a winner/ leader..). does anyone here have any experience or say about learning nlp? is it totally different or similar to spirituality in any way? may be they are poles apart..?? i almost always act on my intuition even when it points to trouble in short run after a long time always my gut feeling would be correct; and i know that intuition comes from ingrained LEARNT beliefs, behaviors and patterns too. but does learning or practicing techniques like nlp change what we feel about everything? does it change the compassion, kindness, looking for being fair and other feelings?
    does anyone here have vision or dreams about what would happen in a few days and feel like de javu’ later? does learning nlp change such things in anyway?
    please guide..
    thanks in anticipation..


    Hey Sia,

    Bummed you got spammed here.

    As to your question, NLP is not really related to spirituality. NLP is more like the mechanical nature of your mind, and how to leverage it.

    Like most things in life though, your beliefs (spirituality) will impact how you implement NLP, but they are as separate as they can be.

    Hope this helps!



    ^ my best friend is called Troy and I got in to CBT through reading a book on NLP so for those two reasons, I shall reply here.

    Now I haven’t got a full grasp on the NLP thing but from the book I read (the NLP coach) I think I understand that …

    sometimes we think things and we behave certain ways and things happen to us and patterns revolve around us and we all think it’s just our genetics or ‘Who we are’ etc. but all of these things are based upon this information we’ve come across in the various ways – the experiences we’ve had, the things we read, the things we were told etc and we stored this information into our brains tucked away. As we live we bring out this information in various ways and we act upon it

    some can be healthy and productive thought patterns and some can be non productive and hindering.

    lets say you were bitten by a dog at age 3. and you think all dogs are rabid animals and let is affect your life – and if it’s hair, has four legs and teeth it’s a dog. and all dogs are bad.

    so NLP is about looking at the thought processes and about tracing back their roots – about following the strand of ‘information’ back through the brain to where it is stored and how it comes out and perhaps in some circumstances retraining the brain to follow a different path with thie information – rewiring the thought pattern.

    if its got hair, four legs and teeth its probably a dog. a white dog bit me therefore black dogs might not bite me. so not al dogs are bad. white dogs are bad. the white dog that bit me was a small dog therefore all small white dogs are bad bit big white dogs might not be bad. the owner of the small white dog was an arsehole and the dog was angry therefore not all small white dogs are bad but all small white dogs with arsehole owners are bad. it could potentially that since all the other dogs are not bad that I mentioned before then it could bet hat arsehole dog owners are bad., ergo I shall no longer be afraid of dogs.

    or summink.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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