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    Hello all, I have had an argument with someone I love and would like to clear the air, send and email ( as this person will not see me in person) And maybe start the friendship vibe back, it’s a long shot but I would like to try, what have I got to lose, I’ve already lost them.
    I just can’t think of kind words to say I sorry I retaliated with angry words when we last talked i’m sorry. I don’t intentionally create problems but I become a slave to my emotions.
    Then I get stuck and go blank. I’m not good at getting word from the brain to the page . Can anyone help?


    Honesty always helps , in your email make clear the way you feel , the way you were feeling in the lead up to the argument.

    Be sure to hold a tone of responibilty of your emotions , be honest , and try not to ask too much from your friend. Firstly aim to communicate how you feel , and then listen/read to see if you are on the same page

    That can help clear the air , to pave the way to move forward


    Wow, I am in a kind of a similar situation (just posted about it) so I know how you feel.

    Speak from your heart, it’s always honest! I agree with Luke, and I’ll add put in a smile face or let him/her know that if the email is coming off as intense or dramatic, it isn’t meant to and that you just need to speak your mind.

    Start by doing a few drafts, it doesn’t have to be perfectly worded, as long as you make your point and explain how you feel and why in a respectful way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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