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    two person were met by fate
    and were seperated by a wall named reality
    were destroyed by a fence named rationality
    and they recieved a present that they never asked for called maturity
    this once,
    in the name of honesty
    I want to truthfully confess
    I love you
    regardless of reality, rationality and maturity
    I love you
    There is no the word “but” in my I love yous to you
    yet there is always a “but” in our reality, rationality and maturity



    Dear Mina:

    I think that there is no “but” in your need to be understood and accepted as you are, all of you, all of your thoughts and feelings. That need has no “but” and that is what your love is about, I believe.

    My input regarding key words in your poem (and knowledge of our communications in other threads):

    * Rationality- rational intelligence, or rational understanding is of little value in relationships if there is no emotional intelligence, or emotional understanding.

    * Maturity- that has to do with Wisdom. The formula to wisdom is:

    Wisdom= Rational understanding + Emotional Understanding.

    * Reality- is it not that part of reality is that you have a need to be fully (no buts about it) accepted as you are, to believe that you are okay as you are, that it is okay for you to feel what you do without disapproval, to be all that you are?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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