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    samir saha

    Ones Passion should be his profession.As a lion cannot combat crocodile in its aquatic vicinity or vice-verse likewise nature has designed every Human being with its own purpose which put them in to different arenas. If you are not living for your own purpose of life, then you are in someone else arena, probably competing with very best of them. Imagine Bill Gates playing football or Ronaldo doing office Jobs, by doing so they might have earned their living but they would not have been what they are now. Those who discover their life’s purpose and follow it, live a magical life….nice lines copied from some website 😛

    shamita guha

    Nice lines..but not very practical.. I agree that, the people who lives for his passion are bound to succeed and lives a life of his/her dream.
    I wanted to be a singer but end up being an engineer..Now I know why I feel frustrated all the time.I don’t enjoy my job and that makes my life hell.
    But is it advisable to leave everything which you do all of a sudden?..I mean we all have responsibility I can not just leave my job and start working for my passion…me and family will starve to death…lol..


    Samir, Nice lines. I agree with you that we need to have purpose of life. Charm of life is your enthusiasm, your passion for what you do. Of course if that can yield you money then nothing like that.

    @ Shamita :: Answer to your Question “But is it advisable to leave everything which you do all of a sudden?..” is with you.
    No one else but you need to make that decision, decision about how passionate you are about your Singing, do you have that kind of voice that can separate you in a crowd. Do you have that zilch of making sure that you will never repent on your decision if you take one against the odds.

    Go for your purpose of life if you are that passionate.

    Rest I believe destiny plays an important role, may be you were meant to be an engineer and something is in store for you in near future. You never know 🙂

    To tell you my story, my family wanted me to become a Doctor, I ended up being an Engineer. Initially I used to crib but then I went to Onsite, saw different countries, cultures and start loving that part of life. Now I am working as a Project Manager and feels good that I did not become doctor. Can’t take that kind of pressure as well.. 😉

    samir saha

    Hi Hitesh! what you are implying here is compromising with your passion with what life gave you. That’s not what not what I meant.
    @Shamita, If singing is your passion you will find your ways to acquire necessary talents. As far as Leaving your job is concerned you can not do it instantly. You need to start working on your passion area along with your current job and once you have started making some static income with it you can leave your job ..
    Here are some other suggestions to help you fire your job and to pursue your passion instead:

    1). Be Self motivated
    Visualize yourself dong what you like doing most. Feel the happiness which you will gain by doing show. Do it whenever you get time. This will push you further towards your passion

    2)meditation and solitude.
    Start practicing meditation and spend some time in solitude everyday. This clears up your conscience and attach you to real you. You can realize your strengths and weaknesses. Self awareness is really important when you are planning to take your life in your control.

    3) Simplify your life
    Start spending less and saving more. Start leaving simpler now so that you can use the savings when time gets wrong. Some money in your account will always help you in taking necessary risks in your pursuit of happiness.

    4) Start acquiring skills
    Start acquiring skills necessary to pursue your dreams. Gain knowledge about the field in every respect. After all its going to be your arena…You need to be the master in everything.

    5) Continue with your current job unless and until you are sure that you can continue without any income for at least a year. You need to plan properly.


    shamita guha

    Thanks Samir, Sounds doable.But Hitesh has a point too. What if I leave up my dream of being a singer and start focusing on my Job. I might start liking it in future.
    Little confused now..Can somebody help with third opinion.
    Lori ! can you help with your opinion please. You definitely seems to be pursuing your passion. Is that worth ??

    Adam Kowanek

    This is the first post which I read after joining this website. Sounds interesting 🙂
    Well Shamita, Your story is kind of similar to mine. There was a time when I desperately wanted to leave my Job and wanted to follow my passion. It took hell lot of time to gather that kind of strength but I did it eventually . Only thing I regret now is why I decided so late.
    Life is different when you work for yourself…
    Here is a link from Steve pavlina post…that might help you in making right decision…

    10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

    samir saha
    samir saha

    I would like to suggest one more article


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