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    Is this Santé! book for me?

    If you are already on the path to liberation, or not yet, but you feel the ongoing suffering around you is confusing, then this might be the perfect book for you. It will help clear some of your deeply rooted emotions and erroneous perception of reality, while offering you alternatives and practices to directly experience an ecstatic way of living. Santé will bring home all those who seek the Truth, and no longer wish to remain in falsehoods.  🙏 Preview the Book Here 🙏

    Santé! is a 250 pages book of spiritual revelations with 45 daily practices to help us transition together to a happy, peaceful and liberated life, in harmony with That which you are but had forgotten.  Available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Italian. 


    The Great Illusion of Well-Being!

    There are those who believe in well-being and those who do not. Neither well-being nor ill-being have reality, both are ephemeral. Without well-being, ill-being would not exist. Breathing. Eating. Observing. Three angles offering an art of living in harmony with reality.

    💚 Part I/ Breathing Deeply

    Discusses the first vital action of all Life on Earth. “Being aware of the breath coming in and the breath going out without missing one, at any time and during any activity is the practice of conscious breathing. Daily training helps to maintain the mind-body union, calms overflowing emotions, increases our inner peace and our love for life.” Extract from Conscious Eating chapter.

    💙 Part II/ Eating Moderately

    Discusses the healthy or unhealthy eating habits of a human body that has differentiated itself from its nature, referred to as That, which is beyond pure or impure.  “Food and medicine are not two different things: it is the front and back of the same body.” – Masanobu Fukuoka. The more we optimize our environment and our behavior, to eat consciously, the more we are nourished with less, and the more we reconnect to our nature, to That.

    💜 Part III/ Observing Carefully

    First, we breathe, second we eat. The rest is only the consequence of these 2 acts. This chapter discusses different practices to keep our feet on the ground while walking as Brahman, the Absolute Being. You don’t exist, you don’t eat, you believe you exist and you believe you eat. We sow these beliefs by watching them grow, and reap their fruits. While knowing that nothing ever happened.

    Oceans all in Oceans

    A book of the many perspectives merging into each other from simple words, to recipes, poems, illustrations, songs; art that sprouted from the only spiritual Heart to being reflected in a multitude of realities Mind can imagine through the eye of the I. This ‘dictionary-like’ book on Grace is also a colorful sketch-book of challenging notions about Health. It can be started and end from any point as all points lead back to That Thou Art.

    LIVE Book Readings + Q&A

    Each week on Tuesday we are reading a chapter and Discussing it LIVE on YouTube. To participate in the discussion, you can join us on Whatsapp and you will be invited for the next Tuesday Reading.

    How to help?

    1) ❤️ Back our campaign – choose the reward tier that calls your heart!

    2) 📣 Share the Santé! Kickstarter with your friends/family and social channels – this is the best way for new beings to find us! Here’s an announcement tweet to share! (link to be added)

    3) 🌎 Stay connected! You can also find us on YoutubeFacebook and Instagram.

    4) 🌟Join the Santé! community on Whatsapp (French speaking here)!

    5) 📒 Preview the Book and share it with friends!


    Thank you. Merci. Gracias!

    May you all be happy, peaceful and free of miseries.

    Om, FABI.

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