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    Hi, i have had a very tough time searching for a job ever since i graduated from college (a reputable college with good GPA, but in an general degree). Many times I made it to the final rounds of interviews only to be rejected despite being qualified and sincere. I finally got my current job but i feel very underemployed and bored, and the culture is such that people do not stay long. I applied for another job and worked really hard to prepare myself for their selection process (actually a job i really want and was fully prepared to dedicate myself to that company) only to be rejected again after i made it through the final round (because of a pre-employment lie detection test which i thought i would have no problem passing as Ive nothing to lie about but unfortunately i fell into the group of people affected by false positives ). All the roadblocks have taken a toll on my energy level, and i feel like i should not strive for my career anymore.


    Dear mage:

    I can see how getting rejected and working in a job where you are “very underemployed and bored” is wearing you down, robbing you of energy. In addition, having a general degree is making it difficult to proceed in a job market that is very specific- this factor needs to be confronted and dealt with. Maybe there is a way for you to get trained in something very specific that will make it possible for you to get a job where you feel challenged.

    “how to feel energetic again”?-

    – here are a few quotes that may help you in this regard:

    “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”- Winston Churchill.

    “I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work”- Thomas Edison.

    “Two roads diverge in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference”- Robert Frost.

    There is another quote that I don’t have with me, it is about a caterpillar who is a caterpillar for a long time, including while living in a cocoon, not knowing it will ever be any different, then one day, surprise:  a butterfly!



    Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts! 🙂


    Dear Mage,

    Why stop?

    Why should you stop?

    Why should you stop believing in yourself?

    Why should you stop having any hope?

    Why do you think you have no chance?

    Because you cant see the future. Often times - I find- that hopelessness is just the fear of the unknown or the impacience of fast forwarding my life through difficult times. Im confident you shall find a job. Even if at first it`s something out of your field of expertise, it might pay well and have other perks as in good coworkers, an understanding boss, nice working hours etc. If you could time travel one year from now and get back to the present, you would laugh at your worries. So I want to see your chin going up.  Just count how many times you thought something to be impossible and then it happened and got you by surpise. 😀



    You are welcome, mage. Post again anytime.


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