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    Jenny Lynn

    So I told my mom that I may need a favor. That I was applying for Amazon Flex which is basically like UPS and Uber in one. You deliver packages and sign up on their app for shift and it pays really good money for a part time job. Like $18-20 hour yall.

    I AM employed full time and pay all my bills. I just want/need to start breaking the paycheck to paycheck habit. So to offset this I wanted to sign up and make a few extra hundred dollar a month and start saving. As well I was asking my boyfriend to move out so I definitely would need the extra money to offset that as well. (She knows that by the way!)

    The favor was because they do a background and driving record check, and if you have had any tickets over 15 mph over they wont approve you to drive. I have 2 tickets on my record from now to last year this time.

    The gag is me and my mom have the same name. So I called her and told her hey this might now come thru but if not can I just use your drivers license number to sign up for this and then I’ll just give you the W2 and you can claim it and get the tax money and all that. So she entertains the conversation then like it wasn’t a problem.

    The time comes (4-5 days later) where I am pretty sure that my driving record didn’t allow me to go forward in the signing up for the employment. The app basically has a series of things you have to complete in order and if your background doesn’t come back the way they would like they don’t send you any type of notification the screen just wont ever change from
    “Background Check waiting 2-5 business days” So at this point it had been 2 weeks well over the time for it to have gone thru if I was applicable.

    So I tell her, and she just starts talking about waiting longer. I’m like “mom like there’s nothing else to wait for.” It says 2-5 days for a reason. My best friend and her BF did it. That’s how long it takes. So then she just changes up like “Oh this is what you get for getting those tickets.” and I’m like ok yea that’s what I get but I’m not going to argue my life down. I asked you to help me and either you are or you are not. She texts me back and says IM NOT.

    So yall. I feel a WAYYYYYY.

    This wasn’t going to hurt her. Not a dollar out of her pocket; literally no effort at all….but if I was calling asking for money she would have done that. Makes no sense.

    I feel like how can you want me to do better, save money, this and that but then do something like that to prevent me from CONVIENTELY getting more money to be more stable.

    I accepted responsibility for the tickets I have gotten. Traffic school, paid my fines, all that. I drive fast what can I say. I am doing better though guys.

    But I really can’t help but hold some feelings about this towards her.

    Should I? Furthermore can someone explain her logic maybe?

    Should I rebring it up…but if she tells me no again that will really piss me off If I plead my case  you know.

    I feel so passionately about to the point where I almost don’t want to talk to her…like at all. I don’t know for how long but I literally at this point have no words for her.

    I feel like she is wronging me, like she is causing harm. In a situation where its just not that big of a deal.

    I am delivering packages…money I would earn. Instead of me asking her for money and owing her….

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    Dear Jenny Lynn:

    I am siding with your mother on this one: to not be deceptive to a potential employer, definitely not when there is merit to their requirements, in this case, that a driver they hire does not have the habit of driving fast. And you do indicate you drive fast. It is not a funny matter (glad you didn’t insert an lol here)- if someone gets physically hurt  because you drive fast, it is not funny at all.

    You can feel mad at your mother, feelings happen, no choice there.

    Good to have you back, by the way!


    Jenny Lynn

    Anita! Hi there 🙂

    & yea that was on my brain, so I needed advisement. The thing is, knowing my mom. That isn’t her reasoning. That perfectly makes sense but if that was her logic she would have said that initially but she didn’t. My mom always has kind of a motive to doing stuff.

    Also I’m about to send you a reply on my old share. Hop over there too. So we can talk about Glen lol


    Dear Jenny Lynn:

    I understand your mother may very well not have my reasoning, I agree with her No regardless of her reasoning. To your other thread (I got to like your lols, by the way, think they are cute after all)


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