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    after a marriage that lasted 15 years, I found myself absolutely lonely!! My parents who are controlled by traditions in Saudi Arabia refused the divorced idea and said that I have to sacrifice my happiness for the sake of my 3 beautiful children. I was faced by ignorance and as a daughter who is disobeying her father, I’ve been left alone by my own flesh and blood “my parents”. My dad refused to give me any allowance to support me financially, didn’t answer my calls or even check on me or the kids. I was around 2 hours away by car and lived in another country that wasn’t as strict as Saudi, and that’s the main issue in which I was in an open country as everyone keeps saying. My little one was only 43 days when I moved out of the marriage, I was confused not clear about my future or the kids’ future!!
    I spent most of the time asking God for his help, and asking what was wrong with me? why was I left alone in life? what harm did I do to anyone??
    I recieved the answer!! Hanadi you were harming yourself!! It is time to love yourself unconditionally. I started to love myself with all my faults and mistakes, I accepted who I was and that was when I started to heal. I became so clear, I started to see my mission in life with no confusion no more. I started to take it so easy on me, with all the social pressure that people put on me on what I needed to do in life I found myself just believing in me more and then it was time when I sat my goal to teach what I’ve learened through these hard times. I was so clear that I literally saw myself helping others when I used to meditate. Good things started to happen then, I opened up my own life coaching and spiritual healing office. I continued to do my MBA which I’ve postponed for the meantime. I started growing and becoming more at peace, and by the way nothing of the hard things I’ve mentioned earlier has changed! I’m still a single mom of 3 who lives away from her family that know nothing about her, but guess what I’m so happy beign at peace with who I am and at peace with life.


    Namaste Hanadi. I’m in the process of starting a healing practice, and your story is inspiring! I hope you find deeper joy with each step.

    With warmth,


    Thank you Hanadi

    You are an inspiration to others who may believe they have no hope after such a traumatic experience…

    I asked the most beautiful woman in the world once

    “Who do you love more your children or you”

    She said “Myself of course because I am their strength.. for now I must do all I can to keep myself strong for them”


    Thank you Matt and maitri2all, thank you for your support.
    I’ve been inspired by many stories of people who started to surrender and heal. And yes this brought me joy and my whole family has changed, the kids are happier and we live in a full of energy house that at times we can’t stop laughing. My ex husband started to love beign around us to laugh and have more fun… how lovely!!

    Nathan Clarke

    Please please tell me show me how u did th and overcome your challenges. I am a single dad of five and my ex left me feeling alone and stranded as I sacrificed my family to be with her my father and mother and other family members said they would not help or be apart of my life as long as am with her she wasn’t a bad person just a damaged one and I tried to love and change her ways but she couldn’t be a mother or faithful partner so she got pregnant by another man and came bk I took her bk and accepted the child I named her and was there at the birth. She left for the last time to make it work with the other guy I was heart broken and was left to pick pick up the pieces. I have no friends or family support and feel very alone, I looked everywhere on Google for some help as I was a Buddhist before meeting my ex and thought it might be gd to find myself but it’s hopeless. My family don’t want to know me now as it’s too late and my mother and husband is very terminally ill so I’ve messed up and my father has given up. It’s starting to feel like when I found out she cheated threw me out on the streets on xmas and brought another man to live with her and the kids I committed suicide 10 times bk then and failed. I have one believe that I had to be alive for my kids because while I was in hospital my ex said she is taking the children to care so she can make things work with her boyfriend I don’t know to this day what strength I had to leave that mental ward and go to my kids but I did I now have the authority of child services on me because of my suicidal attempts which I would never do to or in front of my kids but it’s understandable but I feel again what have j done wrong she’s free from her responsibility of her kids and I live in hurt pain and regret for meeting her and its killing me every day. After my kids are in bed I drink every nite and quite alot I don’t want to lose the plot again I just want to find myself who I am where am going and hopefully love with the one that feels the same. It’s just so hard I don’t even drive because I can’t because I have passport issues so I can’t work as well and if I did I can’t find myself doing anything am lost and just want to curl up. I know this is not the sound of a man am sorry but your story is my story and need your help please please

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