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    Smile again, happy face


    Shine your loving light on all beings

    Share your essence

    Your compassion

    See what happens…


    Remember, you are emanating light

    Connected to your spirit guides

    Past life blindness

    Bathe in eternal mirrored kindness


    Your moment is in the now

    You have all the answers of how

    Each day breathes renewal of hope

    Do you dare to dream, develop and grow?


    Language lives in our head

    We take it to bed

    It either helps us, destroys us, oh

    Illumination, bright bursting love


    Happiness is an emotion

    It’s a transformation

    It’s a power we all have

    A vision. A challenge


    Gratitude and contentment

    The positives you have in this moment

    You are your best chance for a happy life

    The day is married to night


    What is the deliverance of your life vision?

    Does it impact your happiness? Is it a collision?

    Do you want to believe in…yourself?

    Fall in love with you again, help!


    You are stronger than you know

    You can pick yourself up from the traumas from long ago

    Look forwards

    Focus your third eye upwards


    Be present in self-awareness to heal

    Don’t fade away in what you feel

    Emotional balanced wheel

    Power of your thoughts is your best deal


    Love everyone fully

    Even the monsters, truly

    Try to swim in your own light energy forever

    Try not to be tangled in dark vortex weather


    You are your own bright bursting sun

    You are the glittering star of fun

    Understand emotions are a rainbow of happy steps

    You are in control of all of them


    Visualize yourself as a child

    Bring the energy back, run wild

    Curiosity anchored in a field of flowers

    It’s either sunshine or showers?


    Create your safe balanced space

    Smile again, happy face J

    Be a wonderful impact on others and you

    New amazing thoughts, just for you


    Remember, “You are totally amazing!”

    “You made it this far on your journey!”

    “Hold spiritual hands, be connected together”

    “Happiness for you and me forever!”


    Dedicated to all of you

    Dedicated to all the ecliptic beings

    Dedicated to past, present, future formations of the universe 2021 


    Written by ‘The Scrying Poet’ Tony Moody 2021


    Dear Tony, your poem really affected me! It sang with delight and brought me nearly to tears. The moments that particularly echoed for me was the purple mystical direction to “Focus your third eye upwards” and the bright line, “You are the glittering star of fun.”

    I found it a wonderful reminder to collect my inner child and it brought beautiful images to me. Thank you so much for dedicating this to everyone and I am truly grateful for this poem!


    I love this. Thank you for sharing x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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