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    After much time has passed, I finally met someone. He’s kind and sweet, possibly everything that I had asked and hoped for in a person. There’s only one problem, well at least it’s a potential problem. He’s much older than I am, we share a ten year age difference. Any advice on what to do? Or if it makes sense to enter into a relationship with a man that’s much older?


    I think that depends of your ages. I look a the stage of each person’s life. I had my children later than most people so I related to younger women who had children around the same age as me.

    I also think that regardless of the age is to go for it for there are no guarantees on whether or not it will work or not regardless of the age.

    For me my criteria for a partner is whether she is self aware and kind. The self awareness tells me that she owns her baggage and take responsibility for her part of the relationship. This makes communicating and dealing with differences a lot easier.


    Well I would say it definitely depends on your age difference… in your 20s 30s or even 40’s it makes no difference. But i was in this same situation I’m in my 50’s he was in his 60’s, a 12 year age gap- and it makes a world of difference. He wanted to retire to a foreign country and I’m in the middle – top point of my career. Then there’s all those pesky little things… like I’m used to communicating by text email message phone whatever and he still doesn’t even have a computer- much less an email address. Not even a cell phone. What seemed like a great idea just became intolerable. Then on top of all of those things are the even more serious issues of aging where you are still healthy and fit and they are definitely on the downhill side and all their friends are dying and that’s all they talk about… illness and death. And retirement. :-p

    So as a cautionary tale I’d say sure it’s fine when you’re younger as long as you don’t plan on it lasting until you’re in your 50’s or 60’s!! Good luck!


    thank you for the feed back guys. appreciate it. both great perspectives at which to look at things from.

    Lucy Marie

    I totally agree! I’m 35 and my boyfriend is 49. A couple years ago the age difference didn’t bother me; however, as him and I get older, the age gap has become more of an issue as I believe we’re ultimately at different stages of our lives. For this relationship to go the distance, I’m slowly realizing that I’m going to be making some major compromises in the future — compromises I really don’t want to make. He’s a great guy, but I really don’t think this relationship will last.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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