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    na hu

    I am not sure about my enlightenment.
    The Buddha achieved enlightenment,
    because the Buddha don’t achieved enlightenment.
    Is that correct?
    And Dose It mean I achieved enlightenment?

    Thank you for answering.


    Nope, mu, false. Consider checking out a local sangha if your interest is genuine. They could help you grow a path toward the center of the Na Hu mystery.

    Buddhahood is more like playing an instrument. At first, we must be precise and specific “this finger here, this finger there”. At some point, we take off, and music simply flows through us. In the mind, it is the same. At first there is self grasping, a sense of “little I” that we must approach specifically such as “awareness on the breath or meditation object.”

    na hu

    Matt. Really Thank you.
    Such a great answer from a great man.

    It is good answer for my poor question.
    I am glad to meet who approached a awareness
    on the breath.
    Now I approached to “awareness on the breath”.
    And now I see world “as it is”.
    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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