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    Shivangi Dhakad

    It’s a rap/poem I wrote based on some realisations lots of us have at one point in our lives, after tough times and struggles.Putting it here to recognise the issues and convey positivity 🙂

    For better experience, read it once and then sing it like a rap!
    Commas are placed in a way to facilitate the rapping, and so is
    the usage of bold and italics. So here it goes –

    “Stuck in a game, so lame, I tell you
    I don’t wanna be the one
    Who’s done, nothing but to climb and climb.

    They say prove it to the world, you’re the best
    don’t rest, or else you’ll be lost
    but the cost, that was hid, was time.

    Now everyone says, do what you want
    as a taunt, or may be they mean it sometimes
    Coz we’re all lost souls, on journeys to become whole.

    So what do I do now, when I fall?
    you crawl! And just let life happen
    Open your mind, reform beliefs, and make a new goal.

    Now when you walk, you see, slow is not so bad
    you had, everything you needed to be at peace
    Take a moment to zoom out, you’ll see a new route.

    Remember as a kid, you laughed, in whatever you got
    you were taught, not to cry or to crib
    for that lavish toy, or was that a ploy?

    Does it matter if it was? I think not!
    It’s the thought, that you accept what you can’t get or be
    forget, move on & be a new toy to which YOU are drawn!

    Where is that kid in you now?
    How, grave are you? Always troubled?
    Man! Are you the thought or the thought is you?

    Stuck in a game, so lame, I tell you
    Phew! Time to come out, be that kid!
    There is so much to give and so much to live”


    Dear Shivangi Dhakad:

    You are a talented poet. One of my favorite lines in your rap/ poem is “we’re all lost souls,  on journeys to become whole”! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work of art!



    Shivangi Dhakad

    Thank you so much Anita 🙂 <3



    Dear Shivangi Dhakad:

    You are welcome, and thank you for sharing your work of art! I hope other members read your poem and reply as well. Anytime you want to post again, share another poem or a life experience otherwise, please do.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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