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    Hi, does anyone else have this or can they explain what it is?

    I’ve also got visual overlay of peoples names in my eyes so i can identify them, and people use duplicate names and copy each others names, like they’ve said that they’ve animated ants and bees into the human world and are getting them to speak to me.  Also, the Chinese said they cast a curse on me or something because i drove for them without insurance when i didn’t.  Things like this, i just don’t know what to do about all of it.  I’m sure there’s logic  behind it all because it’s not simply an illness that i’ve got, it’s something more specific and spiritual.  Also, the police have been involved apparently in controlling my body, and i’ve felt electrocution 3 or 4 times.

    Has anyone else had similar?


    Dear David:

    One of the things that you believe to be not a psychotic hallucination or delusion, but a true and spiritual happening is: “people…  animated ants and bees into the human world and are getting them to speak to me”.

    If this is a true and spiritual happening, it means that there is a purpose behind it: to tell you something that will benefit you, maybe benefit all of humanity. What are the ants and bees saying to you?



    Hi David

    Spiritual practices, practiced without guidance can lead to issues such as psychosis, chi sickness, Shen / the mind breaking -whatever your prefer to call it. My advice, stop whatever practice you are doing. Seek a mental health professional for advice. When you are recovered seek a teacher so that you can practice safely.

    If you are taking any mental health medication or have withdrawn from it that could explain any electrocution sensations. Then again, these sensations could be related to whatever is going on. Visiting a TCM practitioner might be a good idea too if you feel that your energy is out of balance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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