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    I’m a single mother to a beautiful 10 month old boy and I’m a pretty big home body/couch potato. I have previously suffered with severe anxiety and depression and have given myself the rest of the year for personal enrichment before attempting to tackle studies etc again, but I find myself going a little stir crazy with the few undefined goals I have. I have a good circle of female friends with kids but I don’t really have anyone I feel comfortable just chatting to or anyone that I can invite over that doesn’t have the responsibilities of children to work around. I would love to meet/chat to a few like minded people. I’m in QLD.



    Hi Lea

    I’ve just joined this site 🙂 I’m also from QLD and am dealing with anxiety at the moment. Planning on becoming a single mother by choice in the coming months. So much happening in life right now.

    Hope to keep in contact 🙂



    I’m not sure if there are any where you live, but this is a fantastic website to help you meet new people and expand your network of friends by finding common activities that you can do together.

    If you can’t find one that reflects your hobbies or interest, try starting one up and see who might respond. 🙂



    Hi Angelic11, sorry I have only just seen the replies! Where abouts in Queensland are you from?
    Peter, thanks for that! I’ll look into it =)



    hello happy world… my name is patty and i am always looking for new friends i have a group of tight friends but i still feel lonely at times/ love to share good times and laugh w/ old and new people i live on long island ny and love doing spontaneous things — love to hear from you


    Anders Hasselstrøm

    Hello Patty, Lea, and Angelic,

    It seems like some of you are going through a rough period at times. Feeling lonely or having a depression is harmful and creates a negative spiral of negative thoughts. Maybe you can find some inspiration in the articles on my blog. I would suggest you start by reading my take on happiness, which I think will be valuable to all of you 🙂 It can be found here: . I’m a motivational speaker and I have helped several people recover from depressions and other mental challenges.

    Anders Hasselstrøm



    Hi Ladies!

    I want to invite any women who may be interested in joining me in this free program I created!
    It’s all about practicing radical self-love, having more fun, and feeling beautiful.



    Happiness For You

    Hello,meeting new people and interacting with them would be great to cut down loneliness from your life and you will be happy.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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