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    Was wondering who here either freelances with web design/creation or maybe runs their own site/online store?

    Was very curious in picking this up, as a skill, and have been having trouble motivating myself to start. I don’t really have an eye for design or don’t really consider myself very creative, but building web sites for people or e-commerce stores is something that has interested me for a while now. Just looking to hear any experiences or advice.

    Thanks 🙂


    Hi Greg,

    I’m a graphic design university student and web design has always interested me too. From a designers perspective, I don’t think web design really requires too much creative skill as a lot of it is to do with knowing how to do code and understanding the complexities of how a website flows. So, if you’re quite practical minded and have a grasp of computing, I say go for it! I think in some workplaces there is a designer who designs how it would look, and then a web developer who puts it all into place, and it sounds like you would fit perfectly into the latter.

    I suggest reading books/forums/websites to read up on it and also using websites such as wordpress to try out your newly discovered CSS/html knowledge. If you find that your excited about constructing it and seeing it work, then it probably is a route you should go down. If you’re bored to death after giving it try, then probably not!

    It is a great skill to have, everyone wants a website nowadays and people are willing to pay good money to have one done for them. As you have mentioned, its hard to motivate yourself to start, but once you get going it will pay off!

    All the best,


    Thanks for the good tip Mimi, appreciate it. I started today watching YouTube on how putting together a WordPress site from scratch. Seems to me as well that the design part just needs to be taken care of, and I could handle everything else. I can tell it’s not really boring to me, I suppose I just have that anxiety of trying something new and gotta get a grip on my negative attitude, I know I can do this, time to jump start my engine!

    Thanks 🙂


    Thanks for the info!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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